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For you

Hey guys.

How are you doing?

So, I created this website to connect with people. So technically this site is for you guys.

I have created a poll, bellow, in which you guys can tell me what you like so far about the website and what you would prefer.



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Hey again,

Just want to write a quick post about joy and happiness.

There are those moments that you never want to end. Remember those moments. When you feel down or sad, remember those moments that filled you up with joy. Those memories will fuel you to carry on. Life is going to get hard but then you reminisce on better times, it is proving to yourself, that it is all worth it.

Smile today.

Smile at someone today.

Hug someone (preferable someone you know and NOT a random stranger in the street)

The best thing about joy is that you can share it easily and get it easily

‘Count your blessings, name them one by one.’


Peace&Love and JOY!

Paula ox’

Meet Lauren North

Hey everyone,

So today I decided to write a long overdue post about one of my favorite people ever, Lauren North. So guys, meet Lauren..

Lauren is a American 19-year old singer.

Her brother is an actor; Austin North. Despite his fame, Austin is extremely down to earth and stays true to his faith. He is a true role model to guys.

Lauren uploads covers onto YouTube, and has a Facebook for her music. Lauren has the most amazing voice ever! Many people compare her to Adele, as she has the same power and tone in her voice, similar to Adele. But I think Lauren sounds like herself. She isn’t trying to be anyone else. What I love the most about Lauren’s voice is that she just sings from her heart. When Lauren sings, you can hear God singing through her. In her covers she is either playing the keyboard or guitar (extremely talented much!) and she just sings. She closes her eyes and sings like no one is there, like no one is watching. I find this amazing because whilst watching, you can’t help but worship and be peaceful and happy along with her. She is amazing, and she inspires me to work harder at my singing and ministration.

I came across Lauren North on twitter. I was watching Austin’s episode of Disney XD’s Kickin’ It. Then later that day, I found Austin on twitter. Austin is a great actor. His character in Kickin’ It was a rude jerk and for some insane reason I was convinced Austin would be the same, (Sorry Austin) but I was pleasantly surprised. His bio on twitter was so sweet and humble, which are awesome qualities to have. I tweeted him and he replied.  I read through his tweets and found out her had an older sister. Being the curious teenager girl I am, I clicked on her twitter page. I read through all her tweets, which I instantly loved as they were full of hope, peace, love and joy. I then noticed she had a link to her YouTube page. I watched all her videos and was like, “WOW this girl can sing!”.  I absolutely loved the simplicity of her covers and how pure they were. I love music and so does my dad, so as soon as I watched all of Lauren’s videos, I showed my dad. My dad is a Pastor so as soon as he heard Lauren singing, he was like, “This girl is blessed. Do you think you can talk to her and ask her to perform in our church?” Lol. As much as I really wanted this, I knew Lauren lives in America, she can’t come all the way to England; as much as I would love to meet her and Austin.

So from that day, whenever I would feel down or sad, I would watch all of Lauren’s covers on a continuous loop. It became a daily thing for me; listening to Lauren’s voice. I would always comment, urging Lauren to create new covers. I was doing some Maths revision and I just felt depressed and bored. Then I thought, hey, lets do this with some Lauren playing in the background. And with no exaggeration, I did Maths (My least favourite subject) for 3 hours straight. Thats the power of Lauren North!

Recently, Lauren has started to focus on her music. she wrote this on Monday 3rd of September, on her official tumblr page (,


So I’ve been waiting to blog about something worth reading, though I feel like that’s sometimes impossible.

Let’s just say that, transition is not always easy. I never said it’s hard, but there’s an awkward middle part to it. It’s that phase where, you have just come out of one season, and you are waiting to be placed into the next. One thing that’s easy to say is that God has absolutely never ever ever ever failed with His timing or placement, so I hold onto that… very tightly.

I’ve always been passionate about my music, and most importantly my worship. I always say that worship is not what I do; it is not a feeling. But it is something that I am. I am worship to God. I was created to worship Him (in all His undeniable goodness), and I will never give that up for anyone or anything. It would be like taking a part of me from myself, and the ultimate decision maker for that choice is… myself. I do know that God has a plan set before me. I honestly don’t have the slightest clue of what it will completely consist of, but I know it’s there. I feel like my biggest hindrance is or could be… also myself. I really am my biggest critic. I’ve recently had to deal with myself concerning this tiny issue, so spiking that in the butt feels like I’m allowing God to move on my behalf (speak life Lauren, speak life).

I made a facebook fan page (as people call it) for my music. And as it probably doesn’t seem like, this took quite a bit in me to do. It is in no way to ‘promote myself’, or to… I don’t know, bring glory to me in any way. I dislike when people assume that I’m trying to become famous or whatnot. If fame is apart of His plan, okay. But He’s only going to get the glory in return. All ulterior motives behind any youtube video made, any post written on facebook or twitter concerning myself, is to bring glory back to the Giver of the gifting. I don’t care if it’s a worship song, a secular song, or an original, when it all comes down to it, He is singing through me…. and that’s all I want people to hear.”

As you can tell, Lauren is sensitive that she will be perceived as herself and not God working through her. I have encouraged her that God gave her this talent so that she can inspire and impact people magnificently. Her making this step isn’t walking out of line. When Lauren sings she brings hope and peace; this is because God is in her. She is the vessel God is using to connect to so many people. Stay encouraged Lauren.

Lauren, I don’t know if you will read this but I want you to know, you inspire me. You may not be “famous” but in your own corner of the world, you’re impacting people, especially this one girl. You are something special. You have a gift. Not many artists can connect with people just by sitting behind a keyboard and singing. You don’t need a gimmick because being Lauren North is defiantly enough. God gave you such an amazing talent. While you worship in your videos, I can’t help but worship along with you. Every time I tweet you, you reply or retweet me, and I don’t think you realise how much that means to me. Some times I think, ‘Paula, just leave the girl alone.’ but you never complain and you never ignore me. Lauren, you are my role model. Lauren, I believe in you.

Here are a few of Lauren North’s covers; check them out.

Lauren’s links

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Subscribe to Lauren’s YouTube page:

Listen and download Lauren songs on Soundcloud:

*I want to thank Karen and Brad North for having 2 absolutely positively talented kids.*

Here are a bunch of cool pics of Lauren featuring Austin and the last one has Karen, Momma North. These are NOT mine, I borrowed them all from Lauren’s twitter page.

ilysm Lauren<3


Peace&Love.. always

Paula ox’

Develop your talents

I believe everyone had a gift or talent. It is your job to go out and discover it. Everyone has different talents and some people have more than others, but nevertheless we are ALL talented and destined for greatness. Someone with one talent might end up being greater than someone with more than one. It all depends on the indivdual and whether they have the correct mindset to achieve. God gave everyone something different which made us different from others. If you don’t work in that area, you are in danger of living in mediocrity.
I, for one, will not allow that to happen. I am here for impact and for change.
Try and figure out what your talent is, what your gift is, what you have a passion in. Then work hard in it. As I always say, I don’t believe in reward without hardwork. With hardwork you get a great harvest.

Think about this today..

Paula ox’


Around this time of year every GSCE and A level student is receiving some set of results. Good luck to you all, by the way.

I’m writing this post because there is a HUGE misconception when it comes to results.

Let me set the scene. Picture: myself and 3 of my very smart friends. We’re at our school, coming to collect our results. We are all A students.
I got 2As, 4Bs and 1C
I didn’t know whether to be happy or not. In general, those results are good but they are average. I’m not average. I never want to be average.
Now here is the misconception. I’m not angry/upset that I didn’t do better than other people, I’m sad that I didn’t do the best I could. In my mock exams, earlier in the year, I got 1A*, 1B and the rest all As. That proved I could do it. I’m upset with myself. I’m upset that I didn’t push myself. And the fact that other people were making me feel dumb and vunerable because of my result, make me feel worse. I think the best way for me to take this is to use it to inspire me to work harder; to prove to myself, as well as others, that I can do it.

I wrote this post because I was upset and feeling that I should give up on school but in the mist of writing this, I realised I can’t give up. I have to work hard. I remembered, I’m the person who always bragged that I wasn’t afraid of hard work.
I want people who haven’t had things go their way, to feel inspired and to carry on.
I know I will.

I saw a tweet today which said, **paraphrased**
“To people who didn’t get the result they wanted remember, Pitball rhymed “kodak” with “kodak” and he’s a millionaire so there’s hope for you.”
Obviously, no disrespect to Pitball. This just made me smile and I thought you would like it also.

Just remember, you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do, when you set your mind to it and try your hardest.
Don’t ever beat yourself up about it.
Live with no regrets.

Paula ox’

Water girl

Another funny story.

My sister and I were told to go to Tescos, to buy bottles of water. We bought 9 huge bottles of water. We decided to take the bus back, as the bottles where extremely heavy. We doubled the plastic bags so they wouldn’t rip. As we boarded the bus, my sister’s bag ripped and the bottle dropped. I started screaming with laughter, glad it wasn’t me. I hate being embarassed so to prevent it occuring, I sat down on a seat, with the bottles between my legs and on my lap. As we were getting off the bus, I forgot I was carrrying the water bottles and started walking. The water bottles started rolling off the bus and I just stood there in front of the doors, bent over, trying to retrive my water bottles. It was the most embarassing thing ever.
Water Girl

Dear Water Girl

That’s so funny! I hope it wasn’t TOO embarassing. I also hope, when you bent down to get your water bottles, that your bum wasn’t showing. That would be a whole new level of embarassing.

Peace & Love
Paula ox’