I’m Paula aka PaulaPaceSetter. I am originally from Nigeria but I was born and raised in London, England. Therefore,  I am British Nigerian.

I decided to make a blog because I realised I was made to be a world changer. I know I was made to bring light into a confused dark world. My dream is to inspire people with my lifestyle. I don’t believe fame comes easily and I don’t believe in reward without hard work. I am willing to start small before fame and fortune comes my way.

I have many passions in life such as singing, writing, cooking, Christianity, music, fashion and make up, reading, social media, comedy and advice.

I think anyone can call themselves a singer as long as they love singing. I love singing. Singing is talking your emotions with a rhythm. When I’m singing, I don’t think about anything but the song. Whenever I feel lost or alone I listen to a specific song or type of music that makes me forget about my problems and just dwell in the song. As a singer, my only agenda is for people to feel the same way when hearing me sing. I wasn’t until recently that I started taking my singing and music seriously. I always believed I wasn’t as good as some people I knew. This really hindered me. So many people are afraid to put across their talent and gifts just because they don’t believe they are as good as everyone else. I never believed I was good enough for a career in music; so much that I didn’t take music for GCSEs or A-Levels. That was one of my biggest mistakes in life and I regret it but I am not letting it stop me from moving on and chasing my dream. I had vocal singing lessons for a while where I learn the basics in singing. Other than that, I’m in the church choir. Any gaps in knowledge, I fill in myself. Singing is the type of thing that everyone does differently. I believe you can learn musical notes and technicalities but no one can help you find YOUR voice.

I love FOOD! I love cooking it, preparing it, decorating it but most of all I love eating it. Like singing, cooking is also quite a recent passion of mine. A few years back I started to religiously watch Masterchef Australia. From the show I caught their love for food and heritage. I became interested in the actual ingredients of what I was eating and how it was made and assembled. Australia has quite a diverse and rich heritage so the food isn’t centered on one type of cuisine as supposed to somewhere like France or England. Also, in different countries and place, food brings people together. At an Italian restaurant, a couple may get engaged. At a Jamaican street carnival, food makes everyone interact and be happy. I love this aspect that food can bring and I wanted to know more about it. I started cooking more at home and school. I did Food technology for GCSE were I achieved an A, which I worked immensely hard for.  My food technology teacher always praises me so much that I became more and more confident in my cooking. I started to believe that I could I actually have a career in Food and Catering. I spoke to my family who tried as hard as they could to discourage me from it. I didn’t care; they were just added to the list of people I have to prove wrong. So I will also try to add recipes and cooking tips for amateur cooks and futures chefs like me.

I am a born again Christian. I have grown up going to church and I think I will always go to church. I am a very dedicated person. I believe having faith makes you grow as a person and gives you hope daily. Sometimes I feel like crap like everything is going wrong. This feeling is common among teenagers. With faith I quickly get over it, realising I can change everything for the better. This determination and assurance in myself and my faith helps me. Sometimes I may post verses from the Bible or inspirational quotes to encourage others with their daily race of life.

I love fashion. To be honest, compared to many other girls, I am not very girly. But when it comes to fashion and make up, I love shopping! My motto when it comes to clothes and make up is; confidence is the best outfit on you. I believe that whatever you wear you need to feel comfortable in. I also believe in ladies being classy and guys being gentlemen-like. I don’t believe that looking pretty and sexy is obtained by exposing yourself. I think that gaining the respect of looking nice AND sexy while covering up is very important and valuable. My favorite colour is purple, so any top, shorts, skirt, pair of jeans, trousers, shoes for nail polish that is purple, is beautiful to me. I think everyone has their own style and finesse and it takes time for each individual to find what his or her ‘thing’ is. When I see a celebrity wearing something I like, I try to recreate it, in my head, to suit my style. I will be posting different styles and outfits. I may do some Outfit of the Days (OOTD) if they’re popular.

I am always online. I hate the thought of living my life online but subconsciously that is was most teenagers (including me) do. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Formspring, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and many more. As much as that makes me look sad, I don’t use them all. I tend to be very busy, but I am literally always on Twitter and Instagram so follow me. My twitter: https://twitter.com/PaulaPaceSetter and my instagram is http://www.instagram.com/PaulaPaceSetter (@PaulaPaceSetter) Also email me at mspaulamelissa@gmail.com.

I think I’m an interesting person. I hope that didn’t sound too big headed but I think I am. I’m not your average person you’ll meet every day. I’m so misunderstood and difficult to analyse. I have many layers to myself; layers which aren’t straight cut. I have branded myself socially awkward (my mum doesn’t like it when I say that but I think it’s quite true). I don’t do what others do. I don’t feel what others feel. I don’t act the way others do. That makes me awkward, right? Correct. But I don’t believe being awkward is such a bad thing. If everyone wasn’t awkward then how would the awesome people stand out? I just think everyone should have space to be their own person. Now I don’t think people should try and be extra weird or abnormally different just for attention. I think changing your personality for people is disrespectful. It is disrespectful to God for making you that way, as well as yourself. Learn to be content with the way you are. It took me a rather long time to understand that I am wonderfully made, just the way I am.

I think there is an old person stuck inside me because my perspective of life is so grown up and mature, if I do say so myself. For the short amount of years I have been on this earth, I have been though a lot. This helped me to grow and learn quicker than most people. I’m not complaining because I’m stronger than most people because of it; mentally (as well as physically obviously! lol) I suppose this helps me be a good agony aunt. I learn to channel everything into my work. I’m good at helping others with their lives. If you have a problem, always feel free to tweet me, DM me on twitter, Inbox me on Facebook, Private message me on Tumblr, email me or just comment. I will always get back to you. I love to help, I’m here to help.

I have many haters. And to you guys, thanks for your support because you make me strive to work harder to prove you wrong. Don’t worry, I will prove you wrong.  Truth is, I used to be scared I would get judged, but as I type this, I realise, no one can do anything. The only person holding me down is a teenage girl named Paula and I’m refusing to allow myself to do that. You should do the same.

Phew, that was a long one. To you beautiful people who made it to the end, you will be blessed if you continue to watch my space, and I’ll make sure of that. You are my first original fans, and I won’t forget you. I’m so ridiculous.

Never forget, I’m here to help whenever you need me.

I love you.

Peace and Love, always…


Paula ox’

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