About the Editor

Paula Melissa is the founder and editor of PaulaPaceSetter, the lifestyle blog. This blog was started in the summer of 2012 when Paula decided she wanted to share her take on the world, with the world. Her goal and general vision in life is to be inspired and inspire other people with her words and lifestyle.

Paula Melissa is a British Nigerian, born and raised in London, England. She likes many things: singing, writing, cooking, faith, music, fashion and make up, reading, social media, comedy, advice and talking about herself in third person.


A little bit more about the Editor

Anyone can call themselves a singer as long as they love singing. Paula loves singing. She sees singing as talking your emotions with a rhythm. Singing can make you forget about your problems and dwell in a song. It was not until recently that Paula began to take music seriously as she felt insecure. She was worried about being good enough. She was worried about what people would think. But all Paula wants to do is to make people feel the same way she feels when she sings – that’s her agenda. “I always believed I wasn’t as good as  people I knew. This really hindered me. So many people are afraid to put across their talents and gifts just due to the fear of being judged as not good enough.” Singing is the type of thing that everyone does differently. You can learn musical notes and technicalities but no one can help you find YOUR voice.

A few years ago, Paula Melissa caught the infectious love of food, entertainment and heritage. She says it all began when she began to ‘religiously’ watch MasterChef Australia. She suddenly became interested in the actual ingredients of what she was eating and how it was  assembled. Also, in different countries and places, food brings people together. At an Italian restaurant, a couple may get engaged and literally decide to spend the rest of their lives together. At a Jamaican street carnival, food makes everyone interact and be happy, make new friends. Paula loves this attribute that food can bring.

Paula is a Christian and does not hide her faith in God. When asked what being a Christian means to her she said, “I am a person who loves Jesus and tries to live a life according to the Bible. Simply put, I believe in living a life of love.” Growing up in the church, Paula wanted to understand this thing she had been hearing about since birth. In the summer of 2009, Paula found God. Well, God found her, because He was never the one that was lost. He stopped being this large floaty idea that lived somewhere up ‘there’ and became a much needed friend and comforter in her life, giving her the strength and drive that helps her overcome insecurities and problems that she faces. “I believe having faith makes you grow as a person and gives you hope, especially in situations that seem hopeless, and as a young person, I come in contact with ‘hopeless situations’ all of the time.” Paula enjoys going to church and learnt how to sing and perform there.

Paula is always ready to promote self-confidence. She has a keen interest in fashion and beauty, as she believes it gives people the opportunity to be creative. One of her favourite slogans is confidence is the best outfit on you. where she reminds people that you are NOT the clothes you wear. Having insecurities about how you look is a real problem. It is NOT something that can be dismissed and undermined. You need to understand how beautiful you are. God makes no mistakes. You are someone’s idea of perfect. It’s true.

Paula is literally on every social media site known to man. She hates the idea of living her life online but subconsciously that is was most people (Paula included) do, especially bloggers! She is always on Twitter and Instagram so follow her to keep up with her. If you Google search PaulaPaceSetter or Paula Melissa, she will probably pop up. A lot. On every social media site ever made. Yes, that includes Bebo. (She was young, please forgive her.)

It has been said (mostly by her!) that Paula’s perspective on life is beyond her years. She has been through a lot in her life so far and every struggle, every encounter, every battle has made her stronger than you will ever believe.

Always feel free to contact her (check out the contact page), she loves to help.

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