I did this a year ago and now I’m doing 40 facts to add to it. I hope you find this at least mildly entertaining.

  1. I am the eldest of four children; I have two younger sisters and one younger brother.
  2. I have a pet dog called Rolfie. He is 9 months old and we’ve had him since he was 6 months old. He hates dog food and strangers. (He is smelling me while I write this.)
  3. I’m not a party person. I’d literally prefer to stay at home than go out, most of the time.
  4. I love make -up, especially eye make-up.
  5. I’ve been blogging for over two years.
  6. I can’t ride a bike.
  7. My first published piece was a poem I wrote when I was 12.
  8. I’ve worked in the government.
  9. Both my parents are lawyers, ministers and authors. My mum is also a councillor in our local council.
  10. I love animated movies.
  11. I love cooking, but I can get extremely cranky if people bother me whilst I’m in my cooking zone.
  12. I’ve been singing in my church choir since I was 9/10
  13. My favourite colour is purple.
  14. RomComs are the best.
  15. I can be quite a loud person if I’m feeling comfortable but I generally hate unnecessary noise.
  16. I love education and learning but hate school.
  17. I got to sleep before 10pm most nights.
  18. I am a born again Christian and I strongly believe in God.
  19. Jesus is my life. My life is Jesus.
  20. I use twitter and Instagram way too much – (@PaulaPaceSetter)
  21. I have a complicated relationship with food.
  22. I let my age limit me in life for a long time.
  23. I find people who are similar to me extremely annoying, but at the same time they usually become my closest friends.
  24. I have poor eyesight and therefore have prescribed glasses that I never really wear.
  25. I love gospel music; it is so uplifting.
  26. I became a YouTuber in Summer 2014.
  27. The only countries I have been to are Nigeria, Belgium, France and Wales, and obviously England, which is where I live.
  28. I can be such a fangirl, but I hide it relatively well.
  29. When I become friends with someone I am also committed to helping them or supporting them. Due to this, I am still friends with people I met 10 years ago.
  30. I usually prefer covers to the original song.
  31. I hate swearing with a passion.
  32. I have strong opinions about certain topics, and I am not easily persuaded.
  33. I hate going to the cinema.
  34. I have more girl friends than guy friends but tend to be closer with my guy friends than girl friends.
  35. I don’t like boybands.
  36. I don’t drink fizzy drinks or alcohol, I only like juice.
  37. Ice cream is my kryptonite.
  38. Young people are my passion and I spend most of my time trying to positively impact young people’s life.
  39. Recently, I’ve decided I want to be a presenter, after presenting a talent show and showcase, as well as a journalist; Benny Bonsu is my inspiration when it comes to journalism and presenting.
  40. I am NOT an outdoorsy person but in Summer 2014 I went to Wales, where I climbed up a waterfall, I climbed inside dark tunnels inside a mountain and came out at the top, I went camping, I went canoeing and I jumped into a freezing lake even though I can’t swim. I literally still can’t believe that I did all of that.


Paula ox’

Three Pretty Pink Gowns

I realised that I have a lot of pink clothing, specifically pink dresses so I decided to do a mini lookbook of the pink gowns.


2014-07-06 15.14.522014-07-06 15.15.332014-07-06 15.15.252014-07-06 15.15.482014-07-06 15.17.47


This dress was purchased at Romeo and Juliet couture boutique, but because I didn’t purchase it myself, I am not sure of the price or the availability of it. I literally love this dress because of the design of it, the diagonal ruffles on the waistline help to create curves (which is needed for slim people like me lol), therefore this dress fits all body types. The dress has an underskirt which makes sure that everything is covered up, but the annoying thing about it is that the underskirt is shorter than the rest of the gown. Other than that, this dress is beyond gorgeous, and the colour is great for literally any skin tone. The material is light, so you don’t feel excessively hot in it. Lastly, I love how the bottom of the dress swishes as you walk, although I would advice you to lift it up a little when you’re walking, because this dress is the definition of ‘floor length’.



2014-07-13 17.29.24

2014-07-13 17.29.44

2014-07-13 17.29.50

Now, this dress is a bridesmaid dress, therefore I think it was custom made and specified by the bride, however there are many ‘similar models’. This dress is also a one shoulder dress like the previous one, however, instead of ruffles down the strap, it has a hand-stitched flower-type broach, with a prominent hem line at the top. This detail draws attention to the top half of your body, again creating a figure (again perfect for us slim girls lol) by emphasisng the arched back. This dress also sweeps the floor, but unlike the previous dress, has a more bodycon shape, clinging to your waist and hips. On the negative side, because it is bodycon and extremely, it is quite hard to walk in without tripping, so I won’t advise it if you plan on dancing.




2014-07-13 17.35.54

2014-07-13 17.36.092014-07-13 17.37.382014-07-13 17.36.152014-07-13 17.38.062014-07-13 17.37.13

This dress is my favourite out of the three and it is also the only one out of the three I choose and bought myself. This is a Ted Baker dress that I bought last year during the summer sales. The dress was £200 but in the sale I bought it for £100. For real, this dress is one of my most favourite pieces I own. The dress has a high neckline and distinct waistline. The dress is free flowing, hence my dress being blown to the side by the wind in the pictures.

Shoutout to my puppy, Rolfi, who decided to interrupt our photoshoot lol.



Paula ox’


Lost Generation?

An author described our generation as ‘lost’.

Lost. Lost connotes the idea that it is gone, hopeless, disorientated. While many young people may show symptoms of this, we are not lost. We are not hopeless. There is always hope. It’s never gone too far that it can’t be brought back and amended.

This current generation has seen things that our parents and grandparents never ever saw in such frequency and magnitude – and done so publicly and openly. They say things like teenage pregnancies, homosexuality, drugs, idolatry and crime have been around for years, which is true. But just because sin has been happening for years and years doesn’t change its nature; it is still sin. Fact. Truth. Sorry. You can call it something pretty instead, but it is still sin. Ideology and opinions will not and cannot change this.

I feel like some of today’s youth and young people are in need of being found, but I wouldn’t conclude that our generation as a whole is lost. When someone loses something, they desire to find it, and that is exactly what is happening here. Young people’s hearts are crying for something deep within them that makes them feel like they’ve lost something, but they just aren’t sure what it is. They turn to immoral things in the hope that they will find this thing. However, it can be found and they can be reunited. It’s just a matter of someone giving them guidance back to that first love.

That love that is stronger than their parents, stronger than a boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend. A love that is impartial and fair. A love that doesn’t care if you’re black or white or any ethnicity, for that matter. A love that doesn’t care if you’re tall or short, slim or fat. A love that doesn’t care what you did in the past, or what your personality was like before.

That love comes from Jesus. And it’s Jesus that gives you the strength to be a part of the ‘found generation’. The world loves to make fun of us for standing up and setting ourselves apart. The world likes to display Christians as Ned Flanders from The Simpsons – as boring, ‘do-gooders’, as a joke. But I don’t care. We are ‘do-gooders’ but we aren’t boring, we are people with purpose, people with joy, people with direction, people with enthusiasm, people with fun and people with success. And we are most definitely NOT lost. We may get shunned or overlooked, but that’s a small price to pay for eternity.

Adults seem to be the people who have diagnosed us as a ‘lost generation’, as a group of people to give up on, which I find rather ironic considering they were the ones who raised us and they were the ones who were here before us. Instead of condemning us, people need to stand up and think, “Hm… What can I do to inspire these people?” You say we lack motivation, I say we don’t. We know what we want, and we are out there getting it – with or without your help. It’s been left to us as youth to inspire and empower ourselves and that’s what we’ll do.

A lost generation? Nope, not on our watch.



Paula ox’

Black book, Black film


I’ve lived in London all of my life. Born, bred and raised here, basically. It’s crazy how multicultural my city is. Only forty-four percent are white British. So growing up in London teaches you to be tolerant and aware of different cultures and traditions.

I am also proud to say that I’ve never experienced racism firsthand. I feel like living here makes it really hard to understand the extremity of racism in other parts on the UK or other countries in the world. Obviously I learnt about racism in school but it never felt like a hugely real concept to me.

Recently, I read a book and watched a film that really made me wake up and appreciate the fact that I live in such a multicultural and culturally-tolerant society.

The book I read was Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses. I feel like I was the last person on Planet Earth to read the book but I finally got there! I absolutely loved it. It was so engaging. Now, without giving away too much, Malorie was extremely clever in the way she wrote it. She flipped racism and segregation, and re-wrote history, so to speak. In the book, black people weren’t being discriminated against, it was the white people. What I like is that this isn’t ever made explicit in the book. She called white people ‘noughts’ and black people ‘crosses’, so it’s evident that it isn’t a personal vendetta against anyone or any race. Seriously, the way this woman writes is just crazy.

The film I watched is called ‘Ruby Bridges‘ and it is based on a true story. The story follows a little black girl in first grade called Ruby, who is highlighted as a smart, overachieving little girl, therefore she’s amongst the first black children in New Orleans to attend ‘white people’ school. Bare in mind, this story is based years ago when prejudice was very much a normal part of American life. Without giving too much away, Ruby endures some crazy things, some heart breaking things that no child should ever have to face. With the love of her family, friends, teacher and faith, Ruby overcomes racial barriers. This movie is so beautifully created, and really made me appreciate the society I live in, especially as a young black woman.

If you get the opportunity to read this book or watch this film, jump at it, because you’ll be greatly inspired, just like I was.


Paula ox’

Another one on stress and worry

Stress is one thing that I have learnt never really and truly goes away, unless you do something about it. I like to talk about stress because I pretty much battle it everyday. There have been blogs on the topic, videos on the topic (click here), talks about the topic; I’ve done everything. And yet, I still haven’t fully dealt with it.

As a girl, I feel like the problem is a million times harder and stronger because we just stress about school, work, boys, how we look, what people think about us, careers, and literally everything in between. It’s like we subconsciously enjoy worrying and stressing about things that we can’t even change. It’s like we get a strange buzz from telling people the irrational worries that we have, that keep us up all night and occupy our innermost thoughts. It’s almost fun describing these unlikely scenarios to people. I know I do this.

There was a time, I spent hours telling my friend all the silly worries I had about this particular guy. The worries and stresses were consuming my every thought and it genuinely felt good to unload them to my friend. I kept being reminded by an annoying little voice in my head, that I wasn’t pretty enough and that he probably didn’t like me. My friend was so blunt and was just like, “Why doesn’t you just ask him? At least that way you’ll know and you can stop stressing and move on.” So that’s what I did, and even though I didn’t get the answer I wanted, it felt good to have that load off my back so I could finally stop thinking about it all.

The whole point of what I’m saying is, we need to stop worrying and stressing about things we genuinely can’t change, and start fixing and working on the things we can. That’s my new life motto and I’m working my way there. Trust me, it’s not the easiest thing, but God is helping me!

I read in a book called ‘An Enemy Called Average’ by John L. Mason, that “every obstacle has a limited life span.” This means that something you are worrying about today isn’t something you’ll even remember in a weeks time, a months time, a years time. Life moves on and therefore the struggles pass.

Just remember, if someone makes you worry more than makes you happy, you probably do not need them in your life. Cut them out. Simple as. Life is much too short to be anything but happy. On that extremely cheesy note, I’ll end this. But let this be a new beginning for you!

Paula ox’

Team healthy living

People say I always have phases in life when I’m obsessed with a particular thing, activity, music, artist etc for a while, then I get bored of it and move on. As sad and childish as that makes me sound, it is so true.

I’m laughing because on the 25th of September 2012, I wrote a post about healthy living and that phase of mine lasted like a week, maybe even less.

But now, I’m a lot more grown up so I’d like to believe I mean it for real this time.

Ever since the first day of the year, I have made a conscious effort to eat healthier. i must say, I was a relatively healthy person beforehand, because I don’t eat a lot (which is really hard to believe since I am always talking about food and complaining about being hungry lol), but this year I hope to improve my relationship with food. I used to eat really irregularly, skipping meals and bingeing. BUT NO MORE.

So far I’ve managed to stay on track, but since college is back the real challnege is back too. Part of my healthy living also, I do a 25 minitue walk every morning to college and a 25 minute walk back (so nearly an hour of walking a day which is the only nit of excersie I do).

Let’s see how that works out, lovelies:’)


Paula ox’

Little me, in Paris

Today’s post is going to be about my exciting week on holiday to Paris in August.

So I spent a week in France’s most popular city. The city of love – Paris. I went with my 2 little sisters and my dad. Here’s a mini diary entry to tell you what we got up to per day.

Thursday 15th August 

On Thursday we took a plane from London’s Heathrow airport to an airport in north Paris called Charles de Galle. Due to the fact that England and France are so close, our flight was only 45 minutes. This journey was quite exciting and nerving for me because it was the first flight I’ve been on in over 10 years because I had a minor (major) phobia of planes for a while. I think this trip cured me because I really enjoyed the plane ride. London is gorgeous via the air and Paris even more so. My outfit for Thursday was really simple because I wanted to make sure I was comfortable so I settled with a Midi dress and white pumps.


Friday 16th August

On Friday, we were trying to get used to our hotel rooms and trying to make them feel a little more homely. We unpacked our stuff and relaxed a bit, watched French cartoons (Spongebob in French). Our hotel had buffet breakfast (or as they call it petit déjeuner) between 5 am – 10 am so we had to wake up early for breakfast then after brekkie we had a nap. In the afternoon we took the hotel shuttle to the Paris Stadium where we walked around a bit, took pictures and ate at McDonalds. My outfit for Friday was very bright as it was my first day out in Paris, I wanted to make an impression. I wore a Union Jack vest tee, pink skinny jeans and navy blue pumps with a black cardigan and shades. I looked like such a British tourist.

download skinny-jeans-bright-summer-trousers-hot-pink-5-510x750

IMG-20130823-WA0002 - Copy

Saturday 17th August

This was one of the best days ever. We went to DISNEYLAND PARIS. We had to wake up at 5:30 am to make sure we were ready for 7 am when our car guy came to drive us to Disneyland. Unfortunately, for us, the guy came TWO hours late and turned up at our hotel at 9 am. Luckily, our hotel was close enough to Disneyland for us to not be late. We reached there just before 10 am and that’s when most of the rides began, so we were lucky. I’ll post a few pictures of the different rides we went on, things we ate and did from our day out at Disneyland Paris.

218 My sister and I took a picture in front of Cinderella. (I don’t know why my foot looks like that)

230Walking into Disneyland. That pink castle is so gorgeous. 236Walked through the Alice and Wonderland maze. I hate mazes because they really freak me out but I was fairly happy here:)

244The queens cards.

253 My dad and sister went on the Dumbo ride. I really wanted to go on it also but the line was 45 minutes and I was not ready for that, so I didn’t go.

295I’m sitting on a rock. (Don’t even ask.)

367On a boat ride through the different Disney animated movies. The windmill in the background is so cute.

366My new best friend, Miss Chip Chipmunk. She was so cool.

362My little sister and I tried on some dreadlocks at the gift shop.

289This waterfall is so gorgeous.

281The landscape is so beautiful here. The designers must have been incredibly talented and inspired.

350I’m so proud of my photography here. It looks beyond gorgeous.

269My delicious lunch at the cute restaurant in Disneyland. It had a medieval theme.

My outfit of the day consisted of a burgundy vest top, light blue quarter length jeans, navy blue pumps and black cardigan when it got a bit colder.

Burgundy Space Dye Zip Vestindex


Sunday 18th August

On Sunday we decided to have a relaxing day, mainly because my dad was extremely tired after we’d dragged him around Disneyland all day on Saturday. We went to a Church which started at 2pm which meant we could have an incredible lie in, which also meant a late breakfast.  369

After Church we went to a Nigerian restaurant in Paris. This was my meal:) Jellof rice, fried sliced plantain and fried fish. Delish.


To church, I wore a burgundy peplum dress. peplum429

On Sunday, we also moved hotels because our hotel was too far from the center of Paris.

Monday 19th August

387 Our little bit of PARIS, as seen through our new hotel window.

On Monday, my sisters and I went exploring Paris around the new hotel.

We found a huge, old church called L’eglise Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire et le square Marmottan. (Or something like that;)


Near the church we found a mini park, which had a super cute see-saw and bench.


Then, we went back  to our hotel. Our family friends in Paris came over and took us out to a fast-food restaurant in the centre of Paris called Quick. We don’t have Quick in England but it’s really similar to McDonalds.

My outfit for Monday consisted of a military-style jacket, army-style studded top, blue jeans and blue pumps.


Tuesday 20th August

Tuesday was probably the second best day, second to Saturday when we went to Disneyland. Tuesday was the day we got to see the famous Paris landmarks – the Eiffel Tower (Tour Effel as the French call it) and the Arc de Trimphe.

In the morning and afternoon, we chilled in our hotel room, watching Spiderman 3 (in English, don’t worry) and playing Connect 4 (we got both of them as the toy from a Happy Meal in McDonald’s. I love you, French McDonald’s).

You guys are so lucky. I’ve literally stopped myself from posting all the selfies I took in my hotel room. There were many. But I won’t LOL. I want to, but I won’t.

Towards the evening, we took the bus to the train station, where we took the French Metro, which is a lot like the London Tube.


453Chilling at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take us to the train station, to take us to the arc de Trimphe. It was literally the longest journey ever. (Exaggeration)

That day I wore my pink skinny jeans again, pink dolly flats, a black and white vest top and a black cardi.

skinny-jeans-bright-summer-trousers-hot-pink-5-510x750pink ballet flatsmyM_ggBKm6e8A7vwIHEWKKw488


576Eiffel tower by night – It’s beautiful. I’m very proud of my photography, right here.

517The sky was getting darker by the minute, literally right before our eyes. This thing is TALL.

504The arc de Trimphe – You guys really don’t understand how big and magnificent this thing really is. We could see it from down the road at the train station. And you know those dots at the top of it, yeah those dots are people. Unreal!

502The sun is setting behind the Arc de Trimphe. I really couldn’t decide which picture of the arc de Trimphe I liked best. My photography game was really, really ‘En Point’ on this holiday;)

We actually went to the arc de Trimphe first, if I’m not mistaken, then had to take a different train to the Eiffel tower. The arc de Trimphe is at the end of a really, REALLY long, busy road. AND on those roads are arguably the best shopping in all of Europe. We passed car shops, make up shops, perfume shops, clothes shops, food shops, jewellery shops, all-kind-of shops.

481Believe it or not, this was inside a Mercedes shop. As in, a car shop. But I saw this GORGE bag on one of the racks and made my sister take a picture of me with it. The security guard kept staring at me like I was going to steal it. He was scary.

473So, when I actually stop being lazy and learn how to drive and get my drivers license, can someone buy me this car? Please and thank you :D

488This is in a different car shop. I think it was Peugeot, which is a French brand.

483In the same car shop. They had this really cool interactive game where you stood on these footprints and you could control what was on the screen with your body. It was too much fun.

470I’m not exactly sure what this place was but yeah:) colourful.

490I don’t know if you can see it properly but there are diamonds under the staircase we are siting on. This jewellery shop literally had diamonds and jewels everywhere!

457On the train from the arc de Trimphe to the Eiffel Tower. At that point, I was beyond tired of walking around Paris but still in  a really good mood.

512Opposite the Eiffel tower was a lit-up carousel.

532My caramel ice cream. Soo yummy. So, there was this cute little stall next to the Eiffel tower selling ice cream. Even though this was the best tasting thing in the whole entire world, it was ridiculously over-priced. 4 freaking euros for a scope. This ice cream better have been made by the Queen herself, for them to be selling it at that price. Oh well, I didn’t pay for it so I didn’t mind too much;)

534My souvenir silver Eiffel Tower key chain, which now proudly holds my keys. It’s kind of embarrassing but this is the ONLY souvenir I got from Paris, which is pretty ridiculous, considering it was probably made in China or somewhere.

514 This guy and his carriage stopped at the traffic lights so I took a picture of him. He clearly didn’t want the picture, but I didn’t care. I took it anyway:)


Wednesday 21st August

As you can probably tell, I loved Tuesday. It was an eventful day. After every eventful day, is a restful day. We relaxed for a while in our hotel room. We watched Open Season 2 (in English) which we also got from McDonald’s as part of the Happy meal. I seriously love French McDonald’s, although they are a little more pricey.  We actually went their for lunch (twice times in a week, very bad).

On Wednesday evenings back home in London, we usually go to Bible Study so we decided to go to a Bible Study at our family friends’ church. I wore a yellow tank top, black pencil skirt, black cardi and white pumps.


In the evening, we packed our stuff and planned our outfits for the next day because we were leaving Paris and going back to London on Thursday.

So, all in all, it was a pretty chill day. Our last night in Paris.


Thursday 22nd August


We had to checkout of our hotel by noon. I still feel sorry for the cleaner because I know we left that room in a mess.

Other than that, Thursday the 22nd of August was the day I was meant to get my results. That was quite nerve-wreaking too. But because I wasn’t in England at the time, they had to post my results home. More about that in a different post.

So, my outfit for going back to LONDON, ENGLAND was a purple and white stripped top, black pencil skirt and navy blue pumps.


580570 (Quick selfie right there)


OVERALL, that week in Paris was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. When I get older, and start to generate and save my own money, I’ll go there regularly. It’s a beautiful place, although not as perfect as the world perceives it. (More on that next time) I am only just realising how ridiculously long this post is but yeah, I think it’s  quite interesting so forgive me. I had a great time and I just wanted to share it with y’all (I’m American now LOL).

I’d like to thank my Daddy for taking my sisters and I to Paris (Even though, all my sisters and I did was argue and bicker. We literally drove my dad crazy). I’d also like to thank our family friends in Paris who showed us the hotspots in Paris, making our holiday more enjoyable, as well as cooking up some good old hearty home -cooked meals, making sure we didn’t eat McDonald’s everyday. And also, for allowing to go to their church on Sunday and Wednesday. We really did appreciate it.


*PLEASE DO NOTE: NOT ALL OF THE PICTURES USED ARE MY OWN, OR OWNED BY ME. Most of them are but, the pictures illustrating the outfits I wore were found on Google and I DO NOT claim them as my own. However, the rest of the pictures taken were taken by me or my sister or someone who was with me at the time.*



Thank you for reading this. Literally one of my favourite posts to write. I’d love to go back to Paris.

Peace&Love. AND PARIS<3

Paula ox’