You Know I Like You

You know I like you if I give you my undivided attention. You know I like you if I ignore you.

You know I like you when I am always nice to you. You know I like you when I constantly tease you.

You know I like you when I laugh at your jokes. You know I like you when I dead out your jokes and tell you that you’re not funny.

You know I like you when I smile at you. You know I like you when I frown at you.

You know I like you when I’m always positive around you. You know I like you when I always complain about things around you.

You know I like you when I talk a lot around you. You know I like you when I’m really quiet around you.

You know I like you when I remember every little fact about you. You know I like you when I literally forget you name.

You know I like you when I complement you. You know I like you when I don’t comment on your new haircut when I probably noticed.

You know I like you when I have cyber stalked and professionally preed every social media account you own. You know I like you when I don’t like any of your pictures on Instagram or retweet any of your tweets on twitter.

You know I like you when I know what subject you have at what period. You know I like you when I ask what subjects you do when you told me just yesterday.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that, you probably wouldn’t know if I liked you. Only I would know. But I probably like you. I like everyone. 



Thank for reading. I was having a really girlish moment earlier this week, and felt like sharing a snapshot of my daily thought process. I’m not saying every girl is like this, I’m just saying I am.


Paula ox’


I did this a year ago and now I’m doing 40 facts to add to it. I hope you find this at least mildly entertaining.

  1. I am the eldest of four children; I have two younger sisters and one younger brother.
  2. I have a pet dog called Rolfie. He is 9 months old and we’ve had him since he was 6 months old. He hates dog food and strangers. (He is smelling me while I write this.)
  3. I’m not a party person. I’d literally prefer to stay at home than go out, most of the time.
  4. I love make -up, especially eye make-up.
  5. I’ve been blogging for over two years.
  6. I can’t ride a bike.
  7. My first published piece was a poem I wrote when I was 12.
  8. I’ve worked in the government.
  9. Both my parents are lawyers, ministers and authors. My mum is also a councillor in our local council.
  10. I love animated movies.
  11. I love cooking, but I can get extremely cranky if people bother me whilst I’m in my cooking zone.
  12. I’ve been singing in my church choir since I was 9/10
  13. My favourite colour is purple.
  14. RomComs are the best.
  15. I can be quite a loud person if I’m feeling comfortable but I generally hate unnecessary noise.
  16. I love education and learning but hate school.
  17. I got to sleep before 10pm most nights.
  18. I am a born again Christian and I strongly believe in God.
  19. Jesus is my life. My life is Jesus.
  20. I use twitter and Instagram way too much – (@PaulaPaceSetter)
  21. I have a complicated relationship with food.
  22. I let my age limit me in life for a long time.
  23. I find people who are similar to me extremely annoying, but at the same time they usually become my closest friends.
  24. I have poor eyesight and therefore have prescribed glasses that I never really wear.
  25. I love gospel music; it is so uplifting.
  26. I became a YouTuber in Summer 2014.
  27. The only countries I have been to are Nigeria, Belgium, France and Wales, and obviously England, which is where I live.
  28. I can be such a fangirl, but I hide it relatively well.
  29. When I become friends with someone I am also committed to helping them or supporting them. Due to this, I am still friends with people I met 10 years ago.
  30. I usually prefer covers to the original song.
  31. I hate swearing with a passion.
  32. I have strong opinions about certain topics, and I am not easily persuaded.
  33. I hate going to the cinema.
  34. I have more girl friends than guy friends but tend to be closer with my guy friends than girl friends.
  35. I don’t like boybands.
  36. I don’t drink fizzy drinks or alcohol, I only like juice.
  37. Ice cream is my kryptonite.
  38. Young people are my passion and I spend most of my time trying to positively impact young people’s life.
  39. Recently, I’ve decided I want to be a presenter, after presenting a talent show and showcase, as well as a journalist; Benny Bonsu is my inspiration when it comes to journalism and presenting.
  40. I am NOT an outdoorsy person but in Summer 2014 I went to Wales, where I climbed up a waterfall, I climbed inside dark tunnels inside a mountain and came out at the top, I went camping, I went canoeing and I jumped into a freezing lake even though I can’t swim. I literally still can’t believe that I did all of that.


Paula ox’

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Raised By Me

I’m proud to say I raised myself.

Personally, I believe we raise ourselves. Obviously, our parents have some input in that but I primarily believe our life situations, encounters and ideas shape part of what we become. If you go through hard things whilst being young, you become more tactical, mature and, to an extent, wise.

This is why, the son of an abusive man can decide and make the choice to not be like his father – or likewise the other side, and be like his father. I think we learn things from our parents and environment but I also think that if our mindset is past our environment and surroundings, we can pretty much overcome anything. People who use how hard life was for them in the past, as an excuse to underachieving need to grow up and move on. Simple.

Life doesn’t just stop and wait for you. Life doesn’t slow down for you. Life doesn’t suddenly go, ‘Oh well, she has had a lot of trouble in the past, let’s just leave her and give her a break.’ Ridiculous. I prefer to be straight up and real; life doesn’t happen like that. Even when you’ve stop, life hasn’t. Don’t ever expect it to stop and wait for you to catch up.

The sooner we learn to raise ourselves to become the people we desire to be, the better. For us. And for this world.

Then when you make it, you can boast because it will be a great achievement. Probably your greatest.

Just my thoughts…x

Paula ox’

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Peace and Love

Paula ox’

The Rollercoaster of Life

Have you ever wanted to cry and scream and roll on the floor in sadness, all at the same time?

I hate this feeling. Life puts so much pressure on us. It is easy to say, ‘live a happy life’ but it is much harder to actually do it. I guess that is why I am writing this; to inspire myself, as well as others. I’d love to say, it all becomes worthwhile, but I haven’t reached that stage yet. However, I am generally an open-minded person…

As much as I wish I knew what to say or do, I don’t. I figure, I need to just get on with it. And every now and then, stop and breathe slowly. Then start all over again.

It is not really a solution but right now, it is all I got. I refuse to drown in this race, so for now, let’s work on keeping our head over the water.

Hey, let’s ride this rollercoaster together.


Paula ox’