So, I’m going to name my top 3 Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM). I will also add a quick synopsis about the film and my favorite character.


Lemonade Mouth

This movie follows 5 high school students who meet in detention and become a band who are using their music to stand up for their beliefs in school.

When I first heard of the film, I thought I wouldn’t like it because it seemed really cheesy. I must admit it is rather cheesy but in this case it is an exception as you can’t help but feel good whilst watching it. Unlike most movies of this orientation, the main characters do not win but they do ‘live happily ever after’. What I love so much about this film is how different each of 5 are but yet they all compromise for friendship. It is the type of friendship everyone wishes they had, I know I do.

My favourite character is Miss Jenny Reznick who was played by the beautiful and hilarious Tisha Campbell-Martin, who most people know and remember from the hit show My Wife and Kids. She was the fun music teacher who made the 5 main characters become the band that is Lemonade Mouth after they all get detention. As well as Miss Reznick, I also love Stella Yamada who was the self-righteous troublemaker who always found a way for her opinion to be heard. I love her brave nature.


Let It Shine                                                                                          

This film follows the main character, Cyrus, who is an aspiring songwriter and rapper. He is also the Pastor’s son and Church choir coordinator. Cyrus has lyrics which pour out his emotions and feelings but he is too shy to let anyone hear them.

When I first heard about the film, I thought I would love it; I was correct. First of all, Cyrus is played by Tyler James Williams, who is best known in the hit show Everybody Hates Chris. This drew some of the target audience in to watch it. What made me want to watch it was that Coco Jones. Coco Jones is the 14 year old girl who played Roxanne “Roxie” Andrews. I have always loved Coco Jones, ever since she was 12. As soon as I watched her I knew she would do great things. In this film she sings, raps and dances as well as acts. One of the things I love the most about this film is the fact that it is an all-black cast. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against white actors, but it was good to see Disney Channel try and do something new and different. This film showed the stereotype of many young African-Americans and young black people in general.

My favourite character is Roxanne “Roxie” Andrews because I loved her voice and the type of music she sang. However, I didn’t like how it took her so long to stand up to her manager and for her to be herself. She needed to trust in her ability and just sing what made her happy.


Geek Charming

This film is about an unlikely romance between a rich stuck-up girl and a film geek. Dylan Schoenfield seems to have the perfect life; she has money, a cute boyfriend, popular friends and is about to win “Blossom Queen”. In the film, she opens up to Josh Rosen, telling him she used to be a geek but ever since her mum died she created this front to hide what she is really like. Josh Rosen is a film geek and wants an interesting topic to film about. At the end, Josh teaches Dylan to accept the way she is.

I love RomComs and this is the ultimate Disney Channel romance comedy. What made this film my favourite DCOM ever is the fact that every girl can feel like they can relate to the character of Dylan. Many teenage girls create a character that they become whenever at school or wherever. Dylan shows you can be beautiful and amazing whilst still being yourself. I also love the idea that love can make you fall for the most unlikely person. Dylan and Josh weren’t an obvious couple but when they were together, they worked. Josh and Dylan kind of found each other, accidently, and that makes me and many other viewers believe that love can come from anywhere. I think the characters of Josh and Dylan where played very well and their love for each other looked very realist.

My favourite character was Dylan Schoenfield because she was the pretty girl who was the victim but also the hero. The character inspired me to be me and that people will love me for me. Also, I love Sarah Hyland (best known in Modern Family) because she is such a real person. She is lovely and I think her personality shone through as she was playing Dylan. As well as Dylan, I love Amy Loubalu, who is the girl Josh likes at first and is Dylan’s old best friend. She is the only person who knows the real Dylan. Amy Loubalu is played by the stunning Sasha Pieterse, who is best known for her leading role in Pretty Little Liars. What I like about Amy is that she is so mysterious and the viewers never really know enough about her.


And there are my Top 3 DCOMs. Go and watch all of them.


Paula ox’

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