Dear Paula

Dear Paula,
I just turned 14 and the guy I have had a crush on for so long, asked me out. I feel like I’m too young and not ready for a boyfriend but I don’t want to say no and have him think I don’t like him.
What do I do?
Confused Teen

Hey Confused Teen,
Personally, I think 14 is too young for a boyfriend but all depends on the person. You said you had a “crush” on this boy so you may not be “in love” with him. I think if you aren’t ready for a boyfriend do not put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Simply say politely that you aren’t looking for a boyfriend right now. If he really liked you, he would understand.
Never feel that just because someone asked you out, you HAVE to go out with them. You have the right to say no. You have to judge for yourself, whether you’re ready and whether they are the right person for you.

Paula ox’


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