Road Shoe Walker

You said you do funny embarassing stories too, so I want to share a funny true story that happened to me recently.
I was walking down the street to the traffic lights. The traffic lights had just turned red so I had a chance to cross the road. So I started running to make sure I would get there on time and in the middle of the road my shoe flies off my feet. The lights are about to change to green and I’m on the floor on the middle of the road trying to pick up my shoe.
I quickly picked it up then ran, barefoot, across the road. I tried to put on my shoe and quickly as I could, then walked off like nothing happpened.
Road Shoe walker

Hey Road Shoe Walker,
That’s so funny but it must have been so embarassing for you. I was cringing for you just reading it. That also seemed a bit dangerous. Be careful next time, and get new shoes! Lol

Paula ox’


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