Poetry is a way over pouring out your emotion.

Recently, I found out that a good friend of mine, called Hamda, is an aspiring writer and wrote a beautiful poem called Stranger, which I really connected with. I wanted to share it with you guys, and I hope you love it as much as I did.

The poem has a deep personal meaning to the poet and this is also felt by the reader. The poet is writing to her father, saying that he has hurt her but despite the pain, she still loves him. This poem really makes me think and I think the poet is successful with her motives.


Three years have passed,
As fast as blinks of eyes since I last saw you.
One anchor now, one parents now. Your face has faded in my mind…


One tear drop for every promise made,
every broken promise. You break your promise.

Three months became three years. Lost in our memories; memories of an old past, the younger days.

Righteous pain. The pain that hurts.


One sob for every vow you made.
Every broken vow, you love to break your vows.

I scream for you;

scream for you and I.

But my screams, they reach the corners of this world but you don’t hear,

you don’t listen to the young girl crying.

The truth is all but welcomed…

by you. When was the last time you were welcomed? By us?

The truth hurts you, sharp like the blade you used to tear this family apart. The blade you used to pierce my heart.

You left us. I’ll need a stamp. Ready to send you back. When you come, IF you come.


This isn’t your home now.


Off into the post box you will go.

Stranger stranger stranger.

But dear father…

I think I still love you.


~Hamda Hassan 




Paula ox’

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