Water girl

Another funny story.

My sister and I were told to go to Tescos, to buy bottles of water. We bought 9 huge bottles of water. We decided to take the bus back, as the bottles where extremely heavy. We doubled the plastic bags so they wouldn’t rip. As we boarded the bus, my sister’s bag ripped and the bottle dropped. I started screaming with laughter, glad it wasn’t me. I hate being embarassed so to prevent it occuring, I sat down on a seat, with the bottles between my legs and on my lap. As we were getting off the bus, I forgot I was carrrying the water bottles and started walking. The water bottles started rolling off the bus and I just stood there in front of the doors, bent over, trying to retrive my water bottles. It was the most embarassing thing ever.
Water Girl

Dear Water Girl

That’s so funny! I hope it wasn’t TOO embarassing. I also hope, when you bent down to get your water bottles, that your bum wasn’t showing. That would be a whole new level of embarassing.

Peace & Love
Paula ox’


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