I believe everyone had a gift or talent. It is your job to go out and discover it. Everyone has different talents and some people have more than others, but nevertheless we are ALL talented and destined for greatness. Someone with one talent might end up being greater than someone with more than one. It all depends on the indivdual and whether they have the correct mindset to achieve. God gave everyone something different which made us different from others. If you don’t work in that area, you are in danger of living in mediocrity.
I, for one, will not allow that to happen. I am here for impact and for change.
Try and figure out what your talent is, what your gift is, what you have a passion in. Then work hard in it. As I always say, I don’t believe in reward without hardwork. With hardwork you get a great harvest.

Think about this today..

Paula ox’

Posted by:paulapacesetter

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