By the title you probably knew its about school.

So most people around the world are going back to school soon or have already gone back. I wanted to write a post to encourage you guys as well as myself about going back to school.

SCHOOL. Most of the time, I sit there wanting to be at home. But we all know that education is extremely important and we shouldn’t take it for granted. School can be very boring and depressing sometimes. I hate that we have to wake up earlier. But after all the years of hard work, you are full of the knowledge that you will need in life.

We are all going a year up, which means, more knowledge as well as homework. Just remember to work hard and focus. If you don’t understand, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. School work can be extremely hard and obviously we can’t know everything.

AND don’t forget to have fun. I know, personally, seeing and being with friends is the best part of school. So juggle fun with hard work and life should be fine.

Last bit of advice, always make sure you look GOOD.

If you live in America, you probably don’t wear a uniform so just wear clothes you are comfortable in. I suggest different reds, red is really in right now; I’ll get back to you in a minute. If you live in most other places, like in the UK , you may wear a uniform. My advice on how to look GLAMOROUS in school uniform is to push the boundries.

Obviously, different schools have different rules about uniform but if your school isn’t too strict, try fitted blazers and long cardigans. Fitted blazers are the cutest things ever and get a few in school colours and you an look stylish whilst at school. If you wear a tie, wear it fat and loose. I also love tight school trousers (but I hate when they are so tight that they look like leggings. That’s too much.) but I hate tight school skirts. A new school uniform look I’m rocking this year is pencil skirts. So the skirt is from the waist and rests on the knee. Any shorter or longer, its wrong. (look below)


If your school is rather strict about uniform, like mine, I advise more subtle things. I’ll use myself and my school as an example. My school has a no nail polish policy so I wear natural tones and clear nail polish and also fake nails which only have a natural looking manicure and length. There is a no make policy so I wear no foundation but put quite a lot of black eye liner under my eye, black liquid eyeliner on top of my eye lid and a lot of black mascara. This makes your eyes pop and can still make you look lovely without being too obvious. People usually say wear badges and pins, I’ll advise against that; they just bring unnecessary attention. Although, I do agree, an eye for detail will make you stand out in your school uniform. Get a cute bag. Get matching accessories, equipment and stationary; always cute.



 Ok, back to my friends across the pond (as they say) in the USA. Most of you guys don’t wear uniforms so you are have WAY more freedom on how to look cute. As I briefly mentioned before, RED is really in this year, especially as it leads toward Christmas. USA is a huge continent with weather and climate varying depending on which country or state you are in. So, I advise you to wear outfits that are appropriate to the weather. A trend which is making a come back is, High waisted jeans and shorts. If you want to, you can incorporate the red theme with the high waisted theme. Stripes are awesome. Get a pair of striped leggings, skinny jeans or top; guaranteed to always look amazing. Another way to kick up an average outfit is patterned tights. If you are wearing a plain skirt or pair of shorts, patterened tights under it look gorguse. As for shoes, short boots look brilliant with shorts. Flats, Dolly shoes and sandals look great with coloured or patterned leggings or tights.


At the end of the day, what ever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Like I always say, ‘Confidence is the best outfit on you.’

*All the pictures used in this blog are NOT mine, nor do i take any credit for them*

Peace&Love.. AND FASHION

Paula ox’


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