Quick post today

So at church today I have to lead Praise and Worship. For you guys why don’t know what praise and worship is, it is when everyone just sings songs to praise and worship God. Praise and Worship is my favourite bit of Church.

I’m in the choir, so I am used to singing on stage in front of people, but I’m used to being in the background. So when I heard I would have to be leading, I did freak out.

I spoke to a friend of mine, whom I trust, and she encouraged me with John 4:24.

John 4:24 says ‘God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.’

She told me to remember that I am not singing to please anybody but God. I realised, I know this.

When you worship, surrender your heart and thoughts. Nothing will be in your mind but joy, peace, love and God. When you worship God, you must do it with your whole life and soul. You must worship God because that is why we where created.

Don’t forget: John 4:24

Peace&Love.. and Worship
Paula ox’

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