Eat your apple before your apple eats you!!

Not going to lie, I did not read any of the words but the pictures looked funny 🙂




One advantage of being sick is you get lot of time to mess around. Couple of months ago, when I had some flu-like illness, I was advised to take some apples to combat with the meds if I can’t take enough meals. As I was doing a cyclic process of sleeping, getting bored of sleeping and sleeping again out of boredom the meds took toll on me and it seemed every objects in the room had face and were showing different expressions at me. Even the lizard in the wall appeared like a miniature dragon. When I punched myself on the nose, the pain confirmed me that I was neither asleep nor in dreams. I was vividly hallucinating. Even this apple that was on the table seemed like the spherical version of minions that I had seen in the movie Despicable Me.

Even though I was a lot…

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