20 years later

My friend gave me this really cool idea to write about what I think I’ll be like in 20 years time. So I’m writing this. Most of it, by the way, is made for your entertainment.

Right now I am completing my GCSEs, which I think are extremely important. I am an A-student in every subject, which is definite added pressure.Right now, I live in a small town in London, England but in 20 years I see myself living between homes in LA (USA), Melbourne (Australia), London (England), Abuja (Nigeria) and Madrid (Spain). I will be married to a lovely husband who is also my best friend. He is a singer, rapper and music producer. We will have 2 kids, one boy and one girl (twins are also an option). Our main family home would be in LA. The kids would get home-school everyday except Wednesdays and Fridays where they go to public school. We will have one dog (named Buddy) and 3 rabbits (named Un, Deux & Trois, which is one, two & three in French btw).

Career wise, I see myself doing many things.

I own a worldwide magazine name Flow. It covers everything  and every topic so nearly everyone in the world reads it. I started creating it at 16 years of age until it became the huge multi-billion empire it is. I have 508 employees and the headquarters are in London. There would be a kids version (FlowKidz), a teenage version (FlowDem’ ) and an older residents version ( The Flow) just so the news and content is relevant to the readers.

As well as that, I see myself being a world famous chef. If you have read my all about me page (which you can read here) you will know that cooking and food are one of my passions. I love cooking food. I love watching Masterchef Australia. Half the chefs there began cooking when they where like 13 years old and it inspired me. So I see myself as a famous chef with restaurants in lots of different countries. I don’t really know what my restaurant would be called but I know that it would be something memorable and cheesy, pretty much like me.

I also see myself as a fashion stylist and consultant. I don’t know everything when it comes to fashion but I know what looks good on different people and I love shopping so that pretty much qualifies me to become a fashion stylist.

I love music so I indefinably see myself doing something in music. As my super cute husband is going to be a singer/rapper/music producer, its only far that I am signed to his record label. I want to put a smile on people’s face, and if I could do that with my singing, I would love to. Check out my YouTube videos  and tell me what you think.

Obviously, I exaggerated most of the things I wrote to be entertaining. My overall principal in life is to be happy. If any of these things happen, so be it. If they all happen, Praise the Lord. But if none of them happen, life will go on. See this is the thing about everything, you cannot expect too much because if it doesn’t come, or turn up like that, you feel deflated. Just expect to have a happy life because no matter what actually happens in your life, there is sure going to be a point that will being your heart eternal happiness, that you remember forever.

Peace&Love.. and DREAM.

Paula ox’


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