Coldplay – The Scientist – Lauren & Austin North

So my favorite brother and sister combo, Austin and Lauren North, are back again with a new cover.

To the well known Coldplay hit, The Scientist, Austin and Lauren recreated the track.

Via Twitter, Lauren and Austin fans (like me) could probably tell something amazing was brewing as Austin tweeted, ‘Uploading a new cover tomm. #LateNightEditing‘ with this picture.

So when I logged unto twitter to see both Lauren and Austin tweeting about this new cover, I knew I need to see it. Of course I wasn’t disappointed, it was amazing. Lauren’s voice is absolute bliss and Austin’s drumming could get anyone moving to the beat. They are amazing.

I did know the song before they made a cover but I must admit I didn’t like the song that much until I watched this cover. I love the simplicity of the cover; Lauren singing and Austin playing the drums. They look so involved in the song, in the video. They made the song their own.

Without giving to much a way, watch it for yourself.


Lauren’s Twitter:

Lauren’s Facebook:

Lauren’s YouTube page:


Austin’s Twitter:

Austin’s Facebook page:

Austin’s YouTube page:


I think these two are one to watch out for in the near future.





Paula ox’




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