Healthy Living

You are what you eat.


So we always here about living healthily and eating the right stuff but is it really important?

Well recently, I have become more interested and concerned about what I eat and how much I exercise.  As most of us have just resumed into school, our bodies are probably still used to the lazy summer holidays. If you are like me you spent most of your summer eating and sleeping. I piled on so much weight (luckily for me, it doesn’t show). I have now joined a gym, every Monday and Tuesday, and I am walking more everyday.

Now I want to get rid of the stupid idea that snacking in between meals is healthier than eating full meals. I used to do this everyday. I would receive lunch money and would spend it on snacks, such as crisps, popcorn or pastries, and I would eat then in between meals (and sometimes in lessons;). I did this because I thought I wouldn’t put on weight this way and I could eat as much as I want. This idea really DOES NOT WORK. In the short term, you lose your appetite and in the long term, you put on some much more weight. I advise you to stay away from snacks, expect once in a while obviously, because what you put into your body really does matter.

As I go through my healthy living challenge, I hope to share my findings with you. I will try and post ways on staying fit; healthy and to eat well. And do not worry, they will be NO pictures of me looking sweating in the gym.





Peace&Love.. and Healthy Living.

Paula ox’


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