My Saturday


So I am very very very sorry that I haven’t been posting. My last few days have been EXTREMELY busy and stressful and there is still more to come.

On Saturday I went to a wedding. I love weddings. It is an expression of love and commitment, and it is truly beautiful to witness. African weddings tend to go on forever, literally. The actual church wedding is like an hour but then after it there is the reception where everyone parties and celebrates. I LOVE receptions but in this reception I was too close to the couple so they decided to make me serve everyone food and bevreges. Honestly, if this was any other day I would be perfectly happy to do this but on that day I was SOOOOO looking forward to the food. Despite  the fact that I didn’t have any food, I had an amazing day. I made lots of new friends and met my old ones too. I helped lots of people, and frankly, thats all I want to do for people.

Read my next post to hear about my Sunday and all the great things I have coming up for me in this week.




Paula ox’





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