Dance Crew God’s Gift from Sky 1’s Got To Dance

So I love watching TV, probably a bit too much.

If you are a TV-addict like myself you might remember the Sky 1 all- type-of-dance competition Got To Dance. Got To Dance began on the 20th of December 2009 (my birthday! Just saying) and have ran for 3 series. The forth series is being filmed and will air in 2013. To find out more about Got To Dance click here.

I have watched it since it began with series 1. I love it but I have never completely LOVED any of the dance groups or dancers until series 2 where I met God’s Gift. I instantly fell in love with their dancing. They could make ANYONE stand up. The pure energy and precision in their dancing is impeccable.

So it is my pleasure to announce that God’s Gift will be performing in London.

Here are a few clips of them performing.


Follow them on twitter:

Check out their website:


If you are interested, watch this space for more info.




Peace&Love.. DANCE

Paula ox’


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