Bridgit Mendler – Ready or Not



I am not a great fan of Disney/Nick Actors and Actress suddenly becoming singers but Bridgit Mendler is an exception.

Bridgit has album called “Hello My Name Is…” which is on iTunes:

So when I heard this song was coming out I groaned. I groaned because another Disney ACTRESS becoming a SINGER but when I did listen to it, I was quickly converted.

The song is like a mixture if pop and dance. It has a very addictive beat and chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. I absolutely love this song right. I love her vocals because she has a Caribbean twang to her voice. I’ve never heard anything like it. She has such a unique tone. Although, as much as I love the song, I am not sure about the video. It is not that I don’t like it, it is just too unrelated to the song. However it doesn’t take away anything from the song so it isn’t a major problem.

Watch for yourself:

to find out more about Bridgit Mendler click here.

What do you think?


Paula ox’


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