Fakes… Move on.

Fakes… Move on In life, everyday, you meet fake people. As much as I would love to say that you can just sprinkle them with dust and they disappear, it really isn’t that simple. Apparently society is messed up and corrupted. We are all so quick to judge and point the finger but sometimes we need to look at ourselves first and think, am I really any different? It’s sad to say, the answer for most people is no. People are fake! They know the truth but prefer the lie. They live in and for vanity. They feel better cursing someone than praising them. The worst thing about humans is their ability to pull down and continually hurt the ones they first loved. This ability is what makes the human species so complicated. Every day I meet people I don’t even like, does that make me fake? Every day I bump into people who a quietly planning my down fall, are they fake? When I use this adjective I don’t refer to the meaning that they are real or not, I refer to the fact if their personality is real to me. If I can trust them to be there even is strife their real. But sometimes we don’t realise that those so called ‘real’ people are the ones who will later stab us in the back. Those same people will expect us to change for their benefit. Why? If God made us one way, why go the other way for a mere human being? I refuse to waste my life pleasing others. If you know why you were created and why you are special, you will understand the importance of time; the importance of not conforming to anyone, not to ‘society’. We must be the ones recreating the broken society and moulding it into hope for the future. As I write this, I’m in school. Now I also remember the last post I wrote in school. The one about whether school is worth it all. I promised I will write a long rant about everything and I promise you it is coming. But right now I want to just say. I HATE SCHOOL! But I continue to go because, 1) My mum would disown me if I dropped out (LOL) and 2) because I come for the education. I would never take that for granted, you never should. I don’t spend my time caring about all the fake people and what they think of me. If I ever got famous or got a lot of money, isn’t it them who would regret it? Why waste your time on them? You are better; if you know that, they’ll know that later. It is worth it, make sure it is. Lastly, I just want to say, to all you fakes in school, you don’t matter. You are just a stepping stone to success to me, so you’re essential but irrelevant. I don’t hate you, I love you. To the people who are not fakes and I will forever love, I LOVE YOU. ❤

My thoughts..


Paula ox’


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