Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, inside and out,  people in the whole entire world. Happy birthday to a special girl. Happy birthday to the AMAZING Lauren North.

This post is totally dedicated to you, Lauren.

So I first heard about Lauren about a year and a half ago. I heard a beautiful voice coming out a normal girl and that inspired me, and continues to inspire me, everyday. The way you approach life is so unique. Seriously, at 19, I hope I’m just like you.

More and more people are hearing about you and listening to your talent, and even though I feel like you’re my secret, I am so happy for you. You deserve it. You are hard working and talented. I remember that Wednesday when I asked you for advice and you took time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. It wasn’t even for a couple of miniutes, it was a couple of hours. And due to the time zones, it might have been like midnight in America.

For more about Lauren click here

Much Love.


Paula ox’



  1. Hello there Paula, i just want to thank you for the amount of love you have for Lauren, i think about how far away you are and how much she seems to have impacted your life and it just lets me know that she really is doing the Lords work…inspiring, loving, and caring for the people she comes across in this life, but most of all, that she’s living in the word of God and that shows immensely. I know that i’m not as close to Lauren as i wish i could be, i remember that we used to have these deep talks about the Lord and what we saw was happening in our youth group, but she isn’t there anymore. I understand why though, she’s on to inspiring more youth and showing the love of Christ to all the people she encounters. I suppose i could have made everything shorter by saying simply, thank you for showing her that she can touch people beyond her city, state, country even. Paula, what ever it is that you’re called to do in your life will be overly successful, you WILL flourish and you WILL be loved by many, just as Lauren is, be faithful to the Lord always. Abba is going to be in the midst of your life every second of every day, don’t be discouraged by the people around you because when you sit and think about it…those are the people that will look up to you later on in life. Those are the people that will end up loving you the most because of the simple fact that you showed them love even when they didn’t want it from you. Encourage many, be strong and love the world, because when you can do that, you can truly do all things. Keep these blogs coming, and please…show us your success.


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