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Lord Sugar Nick Karren

Funny Vid: The Nick and Karren Song

Okay so everyone knows the all-so-powerful, Sir Alan Sugar, but how much do we really know about Karren and Nick, his trusted advisers. Lord Sugar tweeted this video. Prepare to LOL 😉       Peace&Love. Paula ox'

Shane Harper

Shane Harper – One Step Closer

Seriously, the guys are on fire. I just wrote a post about Joe Jonas and now I am writing about another singing dude. Okay, so most of you will recognise him as Spencer from Disney's Good Luck Charlie. Plus he is dating Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan) Okay so here is his song 'One Step Closer'.. Prepare to fall in…

Joe Jonas - See No More

Joe Jonas ~ See No More

Okay, so this is a really old song from like last year but its still awesome. Oldie but a goodie. So we all know and forever love the Jonas brothers. WELL, there was a year and a bit where they all kind did solo and separate projects. Kevin went and got married to the beautiful and amazing Danielle.…


Life: Emotionally stressful

Serious times now.. Okay, recently I have been writing many blogs about life and everything. You probably guessed something was up with me. Recently, I have been going through a lot emotionally. I hope one day I will be able talk about it openly but for now only a few people know about it. Part of the…


Make Up Tip 2

My second make up tip.. Do not always wear foundation or powder on your face. It is not great for your skin as it creates spots. Have make up fee days where your skin can just breathe. Also, when buying foundation, try and invest in moisturising foundation. They can be quite expensive so don't use it too much, but…

elephant on a ball


I seem to think I am Superwoman. Females tend to be more organised than the guys but when it comes to me, I just want to do EVERYTHING. Like seriously, I have so many responsibilities. I am a student, which a heap of pressure. Plus my outside school activities – more pressure. Add also being…


Did you know that a bolt of lightning has up to 1 billion volts of electricity? That’s enough to offer a family of 4’s power supply for years. Or enough to kill an innocent man’s life in a split second.

But here’s what you didn’t know. You’re running your life on fear. You’re creating barriers between acceptance and yourself. You’re pushing yourself away from genuine happiness. You’re settling for ‘good enough’. What are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing?!

What’s holding you back? What makes you think twice? Is it because of what people may think? Is it because ‘maybe’ it could be worse? Do you not think all this unnecessary anxiety is just a cause from your own vanity?

It’s quite sad how you fear so many things that’s not even worth your wrinkles in the long run. Look around. It’s beautiful.  Acceptance, love, peace, faith. There’s so many things…

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Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake, yummy!!! Ingredients: 125 g caster sugar 4 eggs 100 g self-rising flour 25 g cocoa powder 40 g butter  Vanilla extract For icing; 375 g plain dark chocolate 250 g butter 100 g icing sugar Method: In a waterproof bowl, heat sugar and eggs over simmering water. Then whisk the mixture until it…