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Funny Vid: The Nick and Karren Song

Lord Sugar Nick Karren

Okay so everyone knows the all-so-powerful, Sir Alan Sugar, but how much do we really know about Karren and Nick, his trusted advisers.

Lord Sugar tweeted this video.

Prepare to LOL 😉





Paula ox’

Shane Harper – One Step Closer

Shane Harper

Seriously, the guys are on fire.

I just wrote a post about Joe Jonas and now I am writing about another singing dude.

Okay, so most of you will recognise him as Spencer from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Plus he is dating Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan)

Okay so here is his song ‘One Step Closer’..

Prepare to fall in love.


Paula ox’

Joe Jonas ~ See No More

Joe Jonas - See No More

Okay, so this is a really old song from like last year but its still awesome. Oldie but a goodie.

So we all know and forever love the Jonas brothers. WELL, there was a year and a bit where they all kind did solo and separate projects. Kevin went and got married to the beautiful and amazing Danielle. Nick was on Broadway. And Joesph released a few tracks and opened for Britney Spears on tour. So this is one of the songs Joe release.

Okay, I am going to say it now; Joe was always my favourite so I am a bit biased but I genuinely think this song is pretty awesome. I love the beat and of course, Joe’s flawless vocals.

Watch and Enjoy, lovelies.


Paula ox’

Life: Emotionally stressful


Serious times now..

Okay, recently I have been writing many blogs about life and everything. You probably guessed something was up with me.

Recently, I have been going through a lot emotionally. I hope one day I will be able talk about it openly but for now only a few people know about it. Part of the problem is that I do not know how to not hang onto other people’s problems. Lots of people talk to me about they are going though, and I genuinely do not mind. Actually, it kind of helps me… in a weird way. I forget my stuff and think about other people’s problems. This works for a while but then after a bit, you feel worse than ever. I mean, there is a reason why we don’t carry the whole world on our shoulders. There is also a reason why therapists go to uni or whatever before becoming therapists  Seriously, the mind a scary place. You do not want to enter too deep or you can not get out.

Okay, let me get back to the point. These people who come to me, find it better when they talk to me. I noticed how much better it was with them so I decided to try. Trust me, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have trust issues, I’m not even going to lie. But talking helps. It actually does.

The main thing that has kept my head above water is my faith. Every time I feel crappy or sad, I say a little prayer and something in me says, ‘C’mon Paula, get up and stop being a big baby. You can do this.’ And then I get up and live life.

I go to Church probably a little more than most people. I go to Church on Wednesday (Bible Study),  Friday (Miracle Service), Saturday (Choir Practice) and Sunday. I absolutely love every single bit of it. In my church we have a teenagers group where all of us share stories about life and or perspective on things. I love my church family so much. I’ve known most of them since we were little girls and we have grown up together. I can tell them anything; things I couldn’t tell anyone, including my mummy. I love them so much (as I have probably said a million times). I  would do anything for them.

I have always been a bit more religious than them. I have always tried to bring them closer into Faith. The past Sunday, something amazing happened…

One of my beautiful besties told me she has repented and is determined to be a real Christian. My heart literally leapt in joy. And my other bestie is getting closer and closer to that stage. So we, the three amigos, had a long chat about life. It made me realise; everywhere around us, people are falling. Society is falling. They feel bad, depressed & hopeless. Then there are these three girls, who have enough problems going at home and school to cover the world 3 times, and yet they can smile. We realised our faith gives us joy. Everyday that we come to church, it is a little bit more strength and happiness.

I genuinely thank God for everything He has done for me. Even at times where I feel like I have nothing and no one, He is always there. And I know he will always be there.

I thank God for my church friends that he gave me. Seriously, I don’t know what I would so without them (and probably vise versa)  because they understand the race I am running, everyday.

I’d really love to name them but they would probably kill me, then fry me and eat me. Not even joking… okay I am, but still.

I just want everyone who has ever seen me upset and said something positive to tried to help me, to know that I appreciate you so much. You have no idea how much your simple words helped me.

Anecdote; Once I was having the worst day possible. I logged unto twitter (@PaulaPaceSetter) and the first tweet I saw was something like, ‘Just because you had a bad morning doesn’t mean you will have a bad day. Make up your mind to have a good day.’ And with no exaggeration, it helped.

At school, a girl said to me, ‘Paula, I read one of your blogs. They are really good.’ ‘Thou that shan’t be named’, you didn’t know it but that meant so much to me.

Okay, when I started this, I did not know what I was going to talk about, and now look where we ended. I do tend to waffle on and on a bit, don’t I?  😉

I guess what I’m trying to say is; be compassionate. Show love. Show care. Our world is a lot of pain right now, but sticking together will make it all worthwhile. Say something nice. Go out of your way to help someone. You’ll feel good afterwards. And if you don’t, you better check yo’ self. 😀

Don’t worry, I have finished now… But I hope you understand what I have said.




Paula ox’

Make Up Tip 3


So my make up tip 3 is another simple thing that most people already now.


Water keeps your skin moist and elasticated.

Make Up Tip 1

Make Up Tip 2




Paula ox’

The Rollercoaster of Life

Have you ever wanted to cry and scream and roll on the floor in sadness, all at the same time?

I hate this feeling. Life puts so much pressure on us. It is easy to say, ‘live a happy life’ but it is much harder to actually do it. I guess that is why I am writing this; to inspire myself, as well as others. I’d love to say, it all becomes worthwhile, but I haven’t reached that stage yet. However, I am generally an open-minded person…

As much as I wish I knew what to say or do, I don’t. I figure, I need to just get on with it. And every now and then, stop and breathe slowly. Then start all over again.

It is not really a solution but right now, it is all I got. I refuse to drown in this race, so for now, let’s work on keeping our head over the water.

Hey, let’s ride this rollercoaster together.


Paula ox’

Make Up Tip 2


My second make up tip..

Do not always wear foundation or powder on your face. It is not great for your skin as it creates spots. Have make up fee days where your skin can just breathe.

Also, when buying foundation, try and invest in moisturising foundation. They can be quite expensive so don’t use it too much, but it is much better for you face.


And do not for get tip number 1: Always clean your make up off before going to sleep.



Paula ox’


Make Up Tip

washing face


So here is a make up tip for the day.


As soon as you have gotten home, use make remover then wash your face with warm water and soap. Never go to sleep with last nights make up on; this creates spots.

Simple way to get clear skin.



Paula ox’


elephant on a ball

I seem to think I am Superwoman.

Females tend to be more organised than the guys but when it comes to me, I just want to do EVERYTHING. Like seriously, I have so many responsibilities. I am a student, which a heap of pressure. Plus my outside school activities – more pressure. Add also being a big sister and looking after my 3 younger siblings and you’ve got a huge pile of pressure. I try to juggle everything and still keep time for a social life. Of course this is virtually impossible and so many times it has taken its toll on me; break downs are unavoidable, sometimes.   I am trying to learn how not to take too many things to heart. I want to enjoy my life. Life is about balance and that balance is what makes us enjoy the finer things in life (like Jacket Potatoes). In general, just ride the wave that is life, because at the end of the day, you only live it once (pardon the Cliché).

Enjoy YOUR life because you are the only one who will live it.

Wise words.


Paula ox’


Did you know that a bolt of lightning has up to 1 billion volts of electricity? That’s enough to offer a family of 4’s power supply for years. Or enough to kill an innocent man’s life in a split second.

But here’s what you didn’t know. You’re running your life on fear. You’re creating barriers between acceptance and yourself. You’re pushing yourself away from genuine happiness. You’re settling for ‘good enough’. What are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing?!

What’s holding you back? What makes you think twice? Is it because of what people may think? Is it because ‘maybe’ it could be worse? Do you not think all this unnecessary anxiety is just a cause from your own vanity?

It’s quite sad how you fear so many things that’s not even worth your wrinkles in the long run. Look around. It’s beautiful.  Acceptance, love, peace, faith. There’s so many things…

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Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake, yummy!!!


  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 g self-rising flour
  • 25 g cocoa powder
  • 40 g butter 
  • Vanilla extract

For icing;

  • 375 g plain dark chocolate
  • 250 g butter
  • 100 g icing sugar


  1. In a waterproof bowl, heat sugar and eggs over simmering water.
  2. Then whisk the mixture until it is very think and foamy. This will take about 5-10 minutes. The whisk should leave a trail when you lift it.
  3. Sift in the cocoa powder and flour, and slowly and carefully fold it into the mixture.
  4. Then mix in melted butter and vanilla and mix it all well.
  5. Pour the mixture into a base-lined cake tin and bake in a preheated oven, 180˚C/ 350˚F/ Gas Mark 4 for 25 minutes.
  6. Put a toothpick or skewer in the middle of the cake. If it comes out clean, it is ready.
  7. Now to make the icing, melt butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl over simmering water.
  8.  Beat in the icing sugar until it is pale and fluffy.
  9. When the mixture cools down, chill it for 1 hour. By then it should have thickened.
  10. Horizontally slice the cake in half and put the icing on it.
  11. Then sandwich the two layers together.
  12. Using the remaining icing, cover the top and sides with a flat knife.
  13. Then enjoy 😉


This isn’t my recipe but is a really good recipe I found. Enjoy.




Paula ox’