elephant on a ball


I seem to think I am Superwoman.

Females tend to be more organised than the guys but when it comes to me, I just want to do EVERYTHING. Like seriously, I have so many responsibilities. I am a student, which a heap of pressure. Plus my outside school activities – more pressure. Add also being a big sister and looking after my 3 younger siblings and you’ve got a huge pile of pressure. I try to juggle everything and still keep time for a social life. Of course this is virtually impossible and so many times it has taken its toll on me; break downs are unavoidable, sometimes.   I am trying to learn how not to take too many things to heart. I want to enjoy my life. Life is about balance and that balance is what makes us enjoy the finer things in life (like Jacket Potatoes). In general, just ride the wave that is life, because at the end of the day, you only live it once (pardon the Cliché).

Enjoy YOUR life because you are the only one who will live it.

Wise words.


Paula ox’


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