Friendship Circle

I speak my mind.

Always have, pretty much always will.

When I see something wrong, I will say it.

I am not ‘judging’ or ‘condemning’ you, I am making you aware of your actions.

I am no where near perfect but I most definitely know the difference between right and wrong.

I think it’s ridiculous that people are hated upon for simply saying something they believe is true.

If you don’t agree with me on what I’m saying or doing, simply just say so.

I’m not an animal that I can’t have a normal conversation to sort out our issues.

To be honest, if my words annoyed you that much, you’re probably guilty. Guilt.

Evidently, I have regrets but I’m not going to apologise for having an opinion.

And the funniest thing is that other ‘bystanders’ are just there; sitting on the fence, laughing.

I am a human being, and therefore I have feelings too.

But I’ve decided to take this as a blessing; a blessing in disguise.

As I enter 2013, I’ll eliminate unnecessary people from my life.

My circle is small but evidently, it needs to be smaller.

If I hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologise. It was not my intentions.

I am sick of this all.

But I always remember, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’
& ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’

Through this all, I have Jesus so I’m fine.

Oh and I hope I don’t start getting hate for ranting on MY blog, because that would just be extra ridiculous.

I’m done.

I’ve given up on it all.

Thank you Jesus, for stopping me from saying the things I could have said.

So what’s the point of explaining myself, I’m misunderstood.

I need peace.

I need to focus on the important things in life.

Thank you.

Paula ox’


She loves it

I mean is it just me or does everybody hate teenagers -well apart from teens themselves. Being a teen myself I’ve got to say that personally I think people can be a bit harsh

(… most of the time :D)

Anyway my friend introduced me into this teenager post thing and well…
-I’ll just show you some and it will pretty much explain everything!
These are some of my favourites:


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Happy Birthday Jesus

Hey guys,
Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are having a blessed and enjoyable day.

So, I just want you to remember why we celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a time we celebrate when Jesus came into the world as a baby. He came to save us and offer redemption due to sin.

Obviously, we don’t know the actual date that Christmas is but it doesn’t matter. The fact is we are celebrating that light that came to guide us through the darkness.

So today, try to enjoy yourself, eat lots of food (I know I will) & be thankful for your friends and family.

But in all that, don’t forget the reason for the season.

God bless you & your families.
Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, as we approach 2013.

Paula ox’ ❤


The title tells it all really…

This day, sixteen years ago, a blessing was born; ME!

Lol but on a serious note, I thank God for bringing me through all that time. So many people have died at such a young age, and the fact that I am alive is a blessing that don’t take for granted.

I know sometimes I say or do things I shouldn’t say or do, however, I’m generally proud of myself. Your teenager years are the toughest and I’m using them to gain knowledge and understand.

Okay, before I go on forever, I just want to say, THANK YOU to everyone who said happy birthday to me. Whether that’s on twitter, facebook, email, bbm, text or even on here; THANK YOU. I appreciate every single one of you.

Much love guysssssssss,

Paula ox’

Umbrella Disaster

Funny story coming right up…

Dear Paula,
So it was a rainy and windy day. I had my huge umbrella, shielding me from the wet pellets of rain.  I was walking down my road, like the glamorous person I am and then I saw it…

The traffic lights were turning red and it was my chance to cross. So I began to sprint for the lights, also forgetting that I was lugging my huge umbrella as well as my bag, which had become about 10 times heavier.

As I got to the middle of the road my umbrella flipped upside down and started running away with the wind. So within a couple of seconds I was stuck in the middle of the road trying to catch my umbrella and the lights were about to change.

All the drivers and pedestrians just stayed in their positions laughing their heads off while I tried to wrestle my umbrella.

It was genuinely the most embarrassing thing ever.

~ Under My Umbrella Girl.

Dear Under My Umbrella Girl,
Forgive me but I did laugh, rather a lot. That was hilarious and embarrassing as well as extremely dangerous. Thank God you didn’t get hit by a car.
You need to get a new umbrella girl, preferably a small one. Lol

Paula ox’

Exam Advice

Hello everyone,

So today I have a few exams and I thought I’ll write this post to wish good luck and inspire people, all around the world, who are doing exams. Now, it doesn’t matter what your exam is for, just make sure you are ready for it.

Always revise.

There are different ways of revision for different people, but on way I find rather effective is doing exam-style questions. This helps for subjects like English where you can’t really revise anything beforehand. For subjects like Maths and Science, where you need to know prior knowledge, I advise reading textbooks/revision guides then answering questions. This seems like a lot more work but this way, you know what knowledge is needed for the actual questions. Nowadays, the exam board want to be able to see your prior knowledge in what you write, so they manage to fit it all into the questions.

For in the exam;
Just make sure you remain calm; breathe slow.
Before the exam starts just utter a little prayer or say a little message to yourself, to calm yourself down.
Just remember that everything in the exam, you have learnt and revised. Anything you see in the exam and think ‘hey I haven’t learnt that’, is somehow linked to what have learnt before. Don’t think to literally; try and find ways to incorporate the knowledge you already know.
Bring water with you into the exam. It helps you stay hydrated and focused. But make sure you don’t keep sipping it or you will need to go toilet and you’ll probably have to hold it to the end of the exam.
And lastly, always check your answers. I know that sounds obvious but it really does help bring a few more needed marks. In a rush, you might have written ‘b’ instead of ‘d’ and that one mark might be the difference between a A and B grade.

Good luck everyone

Paula ox’

Have a blessed day

Hey they,

Right now in England it is morning but in other places in the world it night, so I can’t really say ‘good morning’, but I can say, Have a blessed day.

Whenever you wake up, be determine to have a blessed day. Even if you wake up feeling bad, say to yourself ‘I will have a good day, no matter what’. My dad always says ‘No matter the matter’ lol.

But in all seriousness, this small notation gets you in the right mindset for the day and you feel like you can make it through.

If you have an exam, test, recital or whatever, this can really help. I know I am not great at focussing in exams so this helps me especially.

So today, tell yourself to have a good day. Be determined. And do not allow anyone to steal your joy.

Paula ox’

The Art of Self Control

Okay so,

In my heart I felt like I had something to share, so here it is.

We all need to learn the art of self control.
I call it an art form because not everyone will get it.

We all have those sneaky little vices that drag us down. Those little habits that we try to eliminate from our lives.

Self control is the art of having the inner strength to say no to these habits.

Today, try and focus on what you know you do wrong, continually. Try and limit them. And try and make sure that you make a concious attempt at controlling it.

Paula ox’

Rags to riches–Oprah Winfrey

Give me 5 minutes a day and I'll give you a happier, more successful life

Oprah Winfrey was born in Mississippi to a poor unwed teenaged mother. She was raped when she was only nine years old, an experience that must have been very traumatic. She ran away from home at age 13 after suffering years of sexual abuse from a cousin, uncle and a family friend. She gave birth to a baby boy who died in infancy when Oprah was only 14 years old. She moved to Tennessee to live with a man she calls her father. When she was still in high school she got a job in radio and began co-anchoring a local evening news show when she was 19 years old.

People enjoyed listening to her emotional ad-lib delivery of the news and she eventually got promoted to the daytime talk show on a third-rated Chicago program. She put so much passion into her work that she brought the show to…

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