Hello everyone,

So today I have a few exams and I thought I’ll write this post to wish good luck and inspire people, all around the world, who are doing exams. Now, it doesn’t matter what your exam is for, just make sure you are ready for it.

Always revise.

There are different ways of revision for different people, but on way I find rather effective is doing exam-style questions. This helps for subjects like English where you can’t really revise anything beforehand. For subjects like Maths and Science, where you need to know prior knowledge, I advise reading textbooks/revision guides then answering questions. This seems like a lot more work but this way, you know what knowledge is needed for the actual questions. Nowadays, the exam board want to be able to see your prior knowledge in what you write, so they manage to fit it all into the questions.

For in the exam;
Just make sure you remain calm; breathe slow.
Before the exam starts just utter a little prayer or say a little message to yourself, to calm yourself down.
Just remember that everything in the exam, you have learnt and revised. Anything you see in the exam and think ‘hey I haven’t learnt that’, is somehow linked to what have learnt before. Don’t think to literally; try and find ways to incorporate the knowledge you already know.
Bring water with you into the exam. It helps you stay hydrated and focused. But make sure you don’t keep sipping it or you will need to go toilet and you’ll probably have to hold it to the end of the exam.
And lastly, always check your answers. I know that sounds obvious but it really does help bring a few more needed marks. In a rush, you might have written ‘b’ instead of ‘d’ and that one mark might be the difference between a A and B grade.

Good luck everyone

Paula ox’

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