Umbrella Disaster

Funny story coming right up…

Dear Paula,
So it was a rainy and windy day. I had my huge umbrella, shielding me from the wet pellets of rain.  I was walking down my road, like the glamorous person I am and then I saw it…

The traffic lights were turning red and it was my chance to cross. So I began to sprint for the lights, also forgetting that I was lugging my huge umbrella as well as my bag, which had become about 10 times heavier.

As I got to the middle of the road my umbrella flipped upside down and started running away with the wind. So within a couple of seconds I was stuck in the middle of the road trying to catch my umbrella and the lights were about to change.

All the drivers and pedestrians just stayed in their positions laughing their heads off while I tried to wrestle my umbrella.

It was genuinely the most embarrassing thing ever.

~ Under My Umbrella Girl.

Dear Under My Umbrella Girl,
Forgive me but I did laugh, rather a lot. That was hilarious and embarrassing as well as extremely dangerous. Thank God you didn’t get hit by a car.
You need to get a new umbrella girl, preferably a small one. Lol

Paula ox’


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