Song: The Cab – Endlessly


Once upon a time, a curious teenage girl clicked on a link she found on twitter and she arrived at the magical land of YouTube, on a song called ‘Endlessly’. She listened to the song, fell in love with it and lived happily ever after.
The end.

That is pretty much exactly what happened.

Hailee Steinfeld (the girl in the video) posted it on her twitter and I just checked it out and pretty much fell, face first, in love with it.

So, I have never really heard about The Cab prior to this, but that’s because I don’t really listen to bands. However, thanks to Google, I now know a little bit about them.

The Cab are an American ‘alternative rock’ band , what ever that means. I’m not going to lie and say, ‘I’m their biggest fans ever, omg.’ Although, I can truthful say, each of those boys can sing and play amazingly. They are incredible. They’re the type of people you wish you knew before they became famous, just because it would be fun to just get some instruments and sing with them. I bet they would be fantastic live.

I absolutely love ‘Endlessly’, and I hope to hear more great music from these guys.

OHHHHHH and here’s their wiki page:


Also, follow them on Twitter: @TheCab

And hey, while you’re there, follow me on twitter: @PaulaPaceSetter

Paula ox’

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