Do you ever feel extra pressure because you are a Christian?

I do. Pretty much everyday. All of the time.

People watch you and expect you to be perfect, and when you mess up, even a little bit, they persecute you. They criticise you. They mock you.

Sometimes it isn’t even other people – it’s yourself. You compare yourself to people who seem ‘holy’ and ‘superior’ in your eyes. But hey, God isn’t a respecter of people. He doesn’t respect the works people do, He looks inside our hearts. If He sees that you try your best and that you try to be Christ-like, He will be with you. He will call Himself, your God.

We are only human. It’s part of human nature to mess up. But it’s also part of human nature to set it right with God, and fix it up. Patch up job.

There is added pressure to be a Christian teen, but personally, I think it’s unnecessary and irrelevant what people think. As long as you are in right standing with God, who cares what other people think? And only you and God can truly know whether you are in right standing with God.

But, (and this is a HUGE but) live a life that portrays that you are a Christian. Do not deliberately try to fit in, when we were made to stand out, for good. To the glory of God’s name.

Have a blessed day


Paula ox

Posted by:paulapacesetter

2 replies on “The Pressures of a Christian Teen

  1. Very true! I know that when I mess up there are people who mock me like “What would Jesus do?” and quote things I’d said before. Good post!


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