Raised By Me

I’m proud to say I raised myself.

Personally, I believe we raise ourselves. Obviously, our parents have some input in that but I primarily believe our life situations, encounters and ideas shape part of what we become. If you go through hard things whilst being young, you become more tactical, mature and, to an extent, wise.

This is why, the son of an abusive man can decide and make the choice to not be like his father – or likewise the other side, and be like his father. I think we learn things from our parents and environment but I also think that if our mindset is past our environment and surroundings, we can pretty much overcome anything. People who use how hard life was for them in the past, as an excuse to underachieving need to grow up and move on. Simple.

Life doesn’t just stop and wait for you. Life doesn’t slow down for you. Life doesn’t suddenly go, ‘Oh well, she has had a lot of trouble in the past, let’s just leave her and give her a break.’ Ridiculous. I prefer to be straight up and real; life doesn’t happen like that. Even when you’ve stop, life hasn’t. Don’t ever expect it to stop and wait for you to catch up.

The sooner we learn to raise ourselves to become the people we desire to be, the better. For us. And for this world.

Then when you make it, you can boast because it will be a great achievement. Probably your greatest.

Just my thoughts…x

Paula ox’


2 thoughts on “Raised By Me

  1. I agree with you but to an extent. Everyone is of different intelligence and some will just copy and learn from their parents because it comes naturally to them to do that and it never crosses their mind to try and develop a personality.
    I think everybody could be different if they grew up in different circumstances…


  2. Exactly. Completely true. But to an extent.. I think it’s a mindset. Someone cane make themselves come out of what they are eupposed to do, and go to where they want to be.


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