Going to get straight to the point- we need to read God’s work daily.

We cannot ‘dodge’ sin by ourselves. It’s always there, to tempt us, to make us fall and without the Holy Spirit, we will fall.

Also so, if you continue to read God’s word, your relationship with God strengthens and you suddenly find it easier to not fall into sin.

So, I propose we read the Bible everyday. I cannot particular say, ‘read 1 chapter a day’ because people need to choose that for themselves. If other people choose it for you, it become less about spending time reading God’s word and more about, ‘Oh, I’m a good person because I read 4 chapters a day.’ It become less about your relationship with God and become more of a routine.

A good way to start is to get the Bible on your phone, since most of us (including me) live off our phones. Some of us have Smartphones, so go into the apps store, apps world or apps market and type in Bible. I use YouVersion but any type of Bible should work. They usually have plans which will get you reading the Bible everyday.

As you read the Bible you get closer with God and understand everything about Him.

Paula ox’

Posted by:paulapacesetter

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