He died, but now He’s alive. It’s a miracle.

Easter Sunday.

I’m remembering all the pain Jesus took unto His shoulders. All the discomfort and humiliation – just to make sure we have our place with God. He restored creation. After sin had decreated creation, He was restoration. He gave us the provision to be sin-less. He brought a never quenched light into the darkness. No darkness can comprehend His light. He sent a comforter, a friend, a still small voice, living in the depth of our hearts. His Holy Spirit dwells with us and we didn’t even need to fight for that. He gave us the easy job and took the hard one. He gave us the job of having to love Him. Just having to praise and glorify Him. And if you realise how great He is, you’ll realise our praises are nothing compared to what He deserves. Compared to how amazing, and awesome He really is. The human mind cannot even begin to understand how great He is. We aren’t worthy, but He made us worthy. He became Sin. Sin died on that cross. He became Sin so you and I could be spotless. Spotless. Without a spot or blemish. We have become new creatures in Christ Jesus. We have His love working in us. He unfailing, unending, unedifying love, made available to us. Forever. And ever. He did that. And not for His gain, but for our own. What kind of love is that? What manner of man is Jesus? That even death couldn’t hold Him. That even sin couldn’t phase Him. That the gates of Hell weren’t strong enough to keep Him out.

That’s my King. My Lord. The Lord of my life; That’s my Jesus. And your Jesus. The Jesus who fights for us. He is salvation.

And for all of that, I live in continual gratitude.

Thank you Jesus.

Peace&Love. Made available by the Blood of Jesus being shed for us.

Paula ox’

Posted by:paulapacesetter

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