I’m excited to present a fresh new artist that I’ve stumbled across. I had the privilege of interviewing her and finding out more about her.

I must admit, I love her cover of Rachel Kerr’s I Will Love Me better than the original. She has strong, pleasant vocals and the African twist added by her producer, Seyi, is refreshing.

Me: First of all, what’s your full name and stage name?
Tibz: My full name is Lesley Tibihikira. My stage name is Tibz so it’s just my surname shortened. It was actually my music teacher in secondary school who used to call me Tibz, I loved it and decided to go with it.

Me: How old are you?
Tibz: 19

Me: Where are you from/born/live?
Tibz: I am Ugandan, I was born in London and I live in Kennington.

Me: Do you work or go to school or some form of education?
Tibz: I am currently in college. Yes I am 19 but some of us had to learn our lesson by doing a 3rd year *laughs*.

Me: How long have you been doing the music thing?
Tibz: Well, I starting singing when I was 8 which is actually when I started going to church. Strangely enough I didn’t know I could sing until then. So since then it’s always been my passion. In college I decided to make a YouTube account and do song covers cause I wanted to share my gift. When I had moved college where I met Seyi who produces all my music, that’s when it all got serious. She’d make a beat and i’d write a song to it. That’s when I discovered I had a talent for writing music. So we started doing covers together then I had decided that I wanted to make an EP. I released it in November, Seyi made the beats, I wrote the lyrics and BOOM! since then we’ve been a team trying to make it in the Gospel industry.

Me: What’s your dream/ where do you see yourself in 10 or so years?
Tibz: My dream is to become a successful Gospel singer. I really want to spread the word of God and change lives through my music. After all, we were put on this Earth to serve him so why not use my talent to glorify his name. People may wonder why I only sing Gospel music but the way I see it is, God gave me this gift, so why on Earth should I use it for anything else. I’m gonna praise him till my end days that is all.

Me: What’s your motivation?
Tibz: My motivation has to definitely be all the support I get from my friends. I’m telling you the worst feeling is feeling like you’re all alone and that nobody supports you. Also the positive feedback I get keeps me going but most of all because i’m doing Gods work that’s all the motivation I need. I know there’s a blessing in it and I know God appreciates it. After all he sent his only son to die for a sinner like me. It’s really the least I can do. Plus I enjoy it and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Me: Tell me about your newest feature in Shyi’s African praise track – Most High God 2
Tibz: This track is actually part of a project we’re working on. We decided to make an LP called “Mother Tongue” which is basically going to be full of different praise songs in different languages from different parts of Africa. We wanted to not only reach out to young people but hopefully give their parents something to enjoy too. Plus I know everyone loves some African praise! We hope to release this soon in July/August.

Me: There are a lot of young women trying to make it as artists, what makes you different? What makes you sure that you can make it in the music business? What you say is unique about you? That’s right, I ask the tough questions.
Tibz: Hhhmmm tough question. Well I want to be part of the Gospel industry which i’d say is haaaard to break into because you’ve got people like Karen Clark Sheard with HUGE voices that can move mountains and then you’ve got me *laughs* Yes it’s not all about the voice, its mainly about the spirit behind it. I can sing but if i’m not putting God first in my everyday life I won’t get anywhere because NOTHING would be possible without him. What makes me different from most young women is that 1. I’m using my gift for Gods Kingdom and 2. I have him on my side. If God says yes, pleaaaase let me know who can say no!? I believe that if I keep focused and determined I can make it. The UK Gospel scene is doing really good at the moment and I think I can definitely be part of that movement. All I can say is that i’m trying to go hard for Christ and my best is all I can give.

Me: And last but not least, anything interesting or funny about you that everyone would like to know…
Tibz: Errrmm I’m like a proper KFC addict. Like I really love it. I’ve seen the pictures of what the food does to the brain and I’ve heard there’s rats in certain branches but I STILL go back!! *LAUGHS*! I’m just in love. One of my aims in life is to somehow get a unlimited free lifetime supply of KFC. That’s not even a joke. I don’t know how i’m going to do it but it has to happen *laughs*.

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