SO, it’s September, which means summer is over and school is back in session. Now, I know I’ll be missing summer like crazy but I am beyond excited for the new journey I’m embarking on, College life. More posts are coming up on that soon.

I wrote a post like this, this time last year. Click here to read it.

So, as you know, I live in the UK. Generally, high schools have a uniform but when you get to college/ sixth form, you have WAY more freedom as to what to wear. If you’re in high school, click here to see my ideas on how to ‘funk’ up your school uniform without getting into trouble.

So, I’ve already started college and I’m going to go through the main outfit I love for college.

Recently, I’m loving midi dresses. I love how classy they look, but yet they aren’t to ‘over-dressy’. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. However, I don’t believe they fit all body styles, and I strongly believe you should dress to your body size and shape. This style typically fits slim people because it makes them look more curvy and full.

MIDI DRESSwretyrgtghhddtttt


At the end of the day, what ever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Like I always say, ‘Confidence is the best outfit on you.’

*All the pictures used in this blog are NOT mine, nor do i take any credit for them*

Peace&Love.. AND FASHION

Paula ox’

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