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Over the past few days I’ve been hearing A LOT about friends. I actually feel like God is speaking to me, because it’s gotten past the coincidental stage. So many different sources have highlighted the importance of friends, especially this year. I always go through that ‘This is my year’ phase, basically every new year. But guys, please believe me when I say, this is my year. This is my year! Which is exactly why I’m paying particular attention to things and specifically people who may jeopardize my mission.

Okay, back to basics: what is a friend?

Honestly, it is a simple question, but can you really answer it truly correctly?

Online dictionaries gave me the definition of
someone who you like and likes you, is affectionate towards you.
someone who provides assistance and support towards you
someone you can trust and isn’t an enemy

It’s really funny because, if…

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