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I think it is time I am honest with myself about who I really am. It is time that I stop trying to force myself to change my personality to fit in or to be someone else.

I can no longer blame peer pressure for this, because no one is pressuring me to pretend to be someone else. No one is trying to change me. I am, subconsciously, trying to do it myself.

I have always been stubborn  strong-willed which makes it hard for me to change my mind about something unless there is indisputable evidence. But recently I have found that these instilled ideas and morals are becoming a little more swayed by my new-found experiences.

Of course, I am not saying that it is good to be hard-hearted and refuse to learn and change your mind sometimes. What I am saying is, when you know something is the truth (or at least the truth for you) stick to it and do not be swayed by other people.

So here I am, declaring it proudly to you. I am me. There are certain things I do not do. There are certain things I will not participate in. And there are certain things that I will not say. They may make me abnormal or whatever, but that’s just me.

Deal with it.



Paula Melissa xx


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