I’m ending my fast!

I wrote this post two days ago. I had decided I was ending my social media fast today but as it got closer to today I was no longer sure anymore. Was I ended the fast because God had told me to? Was I ending it because I missed social media? I wasn’t sure anymore. But this morning I prayed about it and I felt complete peace about this decision because the objectives of my fast have been met – or at least are beginning to be met. 

Since the 15th of May, I have been off social media in a bid to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  You can find out more about why I went on the fast in the first place here but in essence, I wanted to see growth.

Exponential growth.

I was tired of seeing subtle growth in my personality and in my outlook on life. So I decided to block a few distractions and see what would happen. It was kind of a social experiment, with me as the guinea pig and God controlling all the factors. Guys, He really came through. He always does to be honest.

I’ve learned a few things about myself – in conjunction with this – that I realised have in the past hindered a deeper relationship with both God and people. I’m ready to move past that.

I have seen glimpses of my purpose and vision in life. And I say glimpses, because it’s still really hazy. But then again, who doesn’t love surprises? (Joke – I hate surprises. Pray 4 me)

I am entering a new season (coinciding with summerrrrr too!) and I both terrified and excited –  texcited if you will 😉

All in all, I have a fresh new perspective. It is time for me to be a real adult and live my life.  God’s got me, so I’m good.



Paula Melissa xx

Posted by:paulapacesetter

2 replies on “Breaking my Fast – Breakfast??

  1. I commend you greatly for taking that bold step and staying off social media.
    Personal and intimate time with God is definitely neccessary. It’s important for us to return to our main source of strength and get filled up daily. And I totally get that sometimes you don’t even need to go all the way to the end before God gives you what you need.
    I am so happy for that you were able to spend quality time with him and you are stepping into a new season. Like you said darling, he’s got you in the palm of his hands. No worries. God bless you, sis 🤗

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    1. Esther, my love, you are such a blessing to me. This comment was so timely as in, I needed to see it right now. God is the source of our strength, so when we feel weak we can go back to Him🙆🏾 thanks always for reading and God bless xxx

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