By Paula Melissa

Want a creative career* in Marketing, Journalism, Music or Technology but you don’t know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place!

When I first decided I wanted to be a creative, I did not know where to start! There weren’t many people doing what I was doing. It wasn’t like today where Twitter is full of likeminded people (Why does 2010 sound like SO LONG ago?)

So I decided to make this list of a few links** and organisations I’ve come into contact with over the years. There is a real mix here- from bursaries and scholarships to job boards and internships. I know I would have loved something like this so I’m hoping this is super helpful for you.

*Also, I should make it clear, because I have so many lovely readers outside of the UK, that these links are specific to the UK.

**All links should open in new tab

As always, please contact me with any questions!

General Creative:

The Dots

A professional network for creatives – like a creative LinkedIn – where you can find creative jobs and brands can find you!

Lively Stones

An online platform for inspired and entrepreneurial Christian students

Pursue Your Passion

Guidance and support through GCSEs, A-Levels, Degrees and Graduations through networking and worship events (FB)

LinkedIn Learning

Thousands of courses on different careers and skills, from graphic design, to personal development


A Facebook group enabling people to share internal opportunities to make you aware of creative jobs out there that you may have missed! They also organise career events.

Women in the City  (WCAN)

A large group of Black women, both students and professionals, working within different industries across the City (corporate). They provide mentoring, networking opportunities and advertise vacancies.

Creative Access

Present career opportunities for BAME young people in the creative industries: Book Publishing, Film, Museums & Galleries, Music, Newspaper & Magazine Publishing, PR, Advertising & Marketing, Radio, Television, Talent and Theatre.


A youth-led creative organisation that do everything, from music to film making to photography! They also offer co-working space and workshops.

Google’s Digital Garage

Learn digital skills to use in business through free training courses


A network for professional creative people to connect with people, brands, jobs and opportunities


Provide help, advice, work experience and internships for different creative paths


An extensive database of apprenticeships, placements and internships

Government – Apprenticeships

National apprenticeships in England


Help with apprenticeships all over the UK


Graduate jobs, grad schemes and postgraduate courses

Student Ladder

Job/work opportunities from year 12 to graduate


Reviews on internships and placements with large companies

The Muse

A careers site with jobs, articles relating to careers and BTS on large companies worldwide


Articles and one-to-one help for young millennial ‘stuck’ in their careers

Young Barbican

A scheme for 16-25 year olds, giving them discounted tickets to art and entertainment shows and creative workshops

Girl Got Faith

Beauty, lifestyle and faith blog for teenagers (I’m including this as inspiration for creative ventures and I love the way they run their social media)

Global media company focusing on Women


Studying Journalism at University [VIDEO]

Here’s a video I made at the end of my second year studying Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield talking about the course.

Industry website with information on jobs, placements, courses and other things to help trainee journalist.

The Guardian

A portal for jobs and training opportunities in The Guardian – mainly in London, New York and Sydney.

Media Trust

A media and communications charity connecting media professions with charity organisations to communicate their message with the world.

Media Diversified

An UK-based online magazine focusing on hearing from writers of colour

Black Ballad

An online publication written by and primarily for Black women, founded by freelance journalist, Tobi Oredein.

TCS Network

A 100% publicly funded online news publication

First Employ

Professional development and careers website that advertises jobs but also provides courses and workshops to improve employability

Sky Early Careers

Career opportunities for students and graduates

Clarity Mag

A young Christian female magazine (I included this one as website and product inspiration! Their magazine is beautifully produced.)

Broadcast and Digital Media:


Digital media events by

Bauer Media

Bauer Media UK manage a LARGE amount of the entertainment media we see on TV, Radio, Magazines and Online

The Talent Manager

A large database of jobs primarily in broadcast media in the UK


An online media platform founded by BkChat presenter and content creator, Nissy Tee


An online lifestyle women’s magazine

A lifestyle platform founded by online content creator and host, Mo Chunks


Digital marketing agency that literally do it all: SEO, paid media marketing and content creation

Marketing/Advertising/Graphic Design:


A global organisation and forerunners in the creative design and advertising

Adobe – Forums

Discuss design ideas and het help from others


A network and job board for agencies, brands and individuals to showcase their work, connect and look for creative jobs.



Content on personal and business branding

We Heart Mondays

Co-working office spaces and social communities of female influencers, freelancers and entrepreneurs in London

FBL Bloggers

F.B.L (Fashion Beauty Lifestyle) Bloggers network connecting bloggers and YouTubers with branding opportunities


Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2018

A major photography competition with great prizes and an opportunity to present your photography to professional judges

YouTube Academy 

Lots of courses on how to start and grow a YouTube channel

Scholarships/Bursaries/Awards/Youth Services:

UK Youth

National charity providing life services for young people primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds, through local charities and organisations.

Big Lottery Fund

National organisation that provide funding for community groups, charity projects and social enterprises all around the UK.

Royal Television Society

An educational charity working within TV, Broadcast and Film. They have different bursaries and scholarships – I’m actually an RTS member myself!

D&AD Awards

An award for creative branding and graphic design

Elevation Networks

Youth employment, recruitment, training and education



A global network of women who work in the music industry, offering networking and mentorship opportunities.


An organisation helping young artists, primarily in music but also in media and performing arts, with career help, life skills and help with equipment and facilities. They have rooms and studios for SUPER cheap for young artists!


Code First: Girls

Free coding and tech lessons for women in tech

Google Internships

Google offer internships and entry level jobs and also sponsored programs

Let me know if this has helped you!

P.S, this post does not have audio for obvious reasons!


Paula Melissa xx

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