So, after years and months of procrastinating, I’ve finally decided to upload some covers on to YouTube. i am now the proud owner of two YouTube channels; one channel will be for musical covers, the other will be for vlogging, discussions and content videos.

Covers channel:

Vlog channel:

If you YouTube search PaulaPaceSetter, all  my videos will come up.

I hope y’all enjoy these videos! It took a lot of inner strength to upload them.



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Tye Tribbett – What Can I Do

Currently, Tye Tribbett is one of my favourite artists on this planet. I feel like I’m one of the last people to actually know about him, which is really strange because he’s actually been in the music industry for nearly 10 years and I’m literally just acknowledging him. Crazy. I’ve heard about him, obviously, but I never really thought about checking out his music and learning more about him, like I did with Lecrae and Deitrick Haddon. But you know what they say, better late than never, right?
Tye Tribbett is an American Gospel artist. He’s well known for his award winning band/ choir – Tye Tribbett & G.A (short for Greater Anointing), as well as touring with Faith Hill in the early 2000s, and working with well-respected people like Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Sting and many more. Tye was nominated for three awards at the 2014 Grammy awards and won two out of those three; Best Gospel Album with Greater Than [Live] and Best Gospel Song with If He Did It Before… Same God [Live]. That’s pretty awesome and played quite well as a 38th birthday present for himself. Well done Tye!
I literally love his voice. I am such a fan of big gutsy, heart-felt vocals, and that’s all him and more. This song ‘What Can I Do, is basically always on repeat on my phone. The song is just inspirational. The song basically describes how I feel, like every day of my life. I literally feel like I can’t do it by myself; I need God. I need faith and strength and grace and favour. Tell me, what can I do, because I can’t live without Him. I can’t live without You.
I hope you listen to this song and feel as inspired and refreshed as I first did and always do when I listen to this song. It comes from Tye’s Grammy-winning album that dropped at the end of last year – Greater Than (2013).

If you like Tye, you’ll love Deitrick Haddon and Lecrae.


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Counting Stars – One Republic (by Lauren and Austin North)

It’s never been a secret how much of a fan I am of these talented two.  Austin and Lauren North are a pair of amazing siblings  (click here for more on them) who came together to create an amazing cover, with Lauren’s vocals and Austin’s beats. They uploaded a cover on New Years day to One Republic’s hit song Counting Stars.

I love this cover because it feels like I am watching a carefully crafted story. It’s starts mellow with Lauren’s flawless vocals, before the piano and drums accompany her. I totally made the mistake of listening to this on my phone with my headphones being on the loudest volume and seriously, it was scary lol.

But in all seriousness, this video is so professional in it’s simplicity and purity. Austin spent hours editing this and it really does show. From the black-and -white colour scheme to the lighting and sequencing, you can tell how thought out this cover was. Totally worth the wait! Love.

Btw, you need to check out their other cover from last year



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God’s Not Dead – the movie


I am SO excited to write this post, because I am so excited for this movie.

As everyone knows, I am a Christian. So it’s only fair that I get excited at these kinds of films.

God’s Not Dead is an American drama film which is based on a book written by Rice Brooks also called God’s Not Dead. I’d love to read the book as well. The film follows around a young college (that’s Uni to us Brits) student named Josh Wheaton, who is played by one of my favourite people, actor/singer Shane Harper click here for more.

Josh is a philosophy student but on the first day finds out his lecturer is an Atheist and hates God. The lecturer, Professor Radisson, is played by Kevin Sorbo who is a well established actor from films such as the original Hercules series and Christmas films such as The Santa Suit. On the first day, Professor Radisson tells his class to recite “God is dead.” in order to get a passing grade, which Josh refuses to do as he is a Christian.

Professor Radisson makes a deal with Josh. He won’t fail him if he can make the the Professor believe that God isn’t dead. If Josh loses the debate he gets a bad grade which puts his future in danger as he really needs the good grades. This task tests Josh’s faith in himself, as well as God, as it pushes all relationships in his life to their boundaries.

This film looks so interesting, because it’s basically what a huge number of young Christians feel at one time or another. We’re tested. We have to have faith. The world mocks us for what we believe. They ask for evidence, we show them faith. And it’s great that they’ve FINALLY made a film that looks like will fight FOR us instead of against.

I’m loving the cast as well. Disney actor, Shane Harper is a major sweetheart and he looks like he’ll play the part of Josh with integrity. I love Kevin Sorbo in The Santa Suit; why is he so good at playing the bad guy? The movie also features a concert appearance by Gold Record award-winning and Christian super-band Newsboys, which I’m looking forward too. I like their single, God’s Not Dead. The movie also stars Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and David A. R. White (Evening Shade, The Moment After 1 and 2, Jerusalem Countdown), which a cameo from Willie and Korie Robertson. I’m excited.

This film is out in Spring 2014, although I think that’s only for the US. Hopefully closer to the time they’ll give exact locations and dates. And I’m praying that it shows in the UK, or I’ll be sad.

God’s Not Dead – the movie links:

Official Website:

Official Facebook:

Official Twitter:

Official YouTube channel:

Official Instagram;



I think I’ve said this a million times but… I’m excited. It’s great to see more and more films like this.


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Kierra Sheard – Indescribable

This song always inspires me. God is amazing and I will never forget it.

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When Mercy Finds Me Lauren North

Lauren N

She’s crazy talented.

She’s super smart.

She’s beautiful, inside and out.

And her voice is pretty much angelic.

Lauren North.

Lauren North has FINALLY released her new debut single. This much anticipated song, titled When Mercy Finds Me, is Lauren’s first produced song. Whilst recording it she also filmed a music video, which should be up soon.

I’m probably biased, since I am one of the biggest Lauren North fans ever, but I absolutely love this song. I love the simplicity; the fact that her vocals really shine through. There are no gimmicks. It’s just someone singing  their heart out. That’s what I love about it. I can see so many people relating to this kind of music. It’s moving.

Listen and download for free on SoundCloud:

If you would like to know more about Lauren North, click here


Lauren’s links:

Twitter: @Laurennorth3





Instagram: @LaurenNorth3


When the video is out, I will be posting about it too.



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Blessed and Cursed the movie

I recently watched a movie produced by one of my favourite Gospel artists, Deitrick Haddon.


This movie was Raw. It was Real. It didn’t hide the naked truth about how hard life can be for people. How hard it is for Christians to stay grounded.

AND, this film showed some of Deitrick Haddon’s AMAZING music.

I know right now, Deitrick doesn’t have good press but I am not here to judge him. I don’t know him personally. We don’t know what he has done, or not done, so we have no right to judge him. Either way, there is no denying that he is blessed at what he does, and God seems to to love him, so who am I to stand in the way.


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Shane Harper – One Step Closer

Shane Harper

Seriously, the guys are on fire.

I just wrote a post about Joe Jonas and now I am writing about another singing dude.

Okay, so most of you will recognise him as Spencer from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Plus he is dating Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan)

Okay so here is his song ‘One Step Closer’..

Prepare to fall in love.


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Joe Jonas ~ See No More

Joe Jonas - See No More

Okay, so this is a really old song from like last year but its still awesome. Oldie but a goodie.

So we all know and forever love the Jonas brothers. WELL, there was a year and a bit where they all kind did solo and separate projects. Kevin went and got married to the beautiful and amazing Danielle. Nick was on Broadway. And Joesph released a few tracks and opened for Britney Spears on tour. So this is one of the songs Joe release.

Okay, I am going to say it now; Joe was always my favourite so I am a bit biased but I genuinely think this song is pretty awesome. I love the beat and of course, Joe’s flawless vocals.

Watch and Enjoy, lovelies.


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