Love… Hate by Ejiro (Guest Poet)

Love… Hate

Someone define these words please
         What I feel I’m not sure
         A mixture of both? Maybe.
         Conflicting emotions
         Pretence of love? Or hate altogether?
         I don’t know what to call it
         Once it was like a bed of white roses
         How beautiful a sight.
         And in the blink of an eye 
         It was there, a thorn in my beautifully primed garden
         Tried to make it come off but it didn’t
         So I ignored it.
         But it kept on hurting me
         Poking me until blood trickled down and stained my roses
         Filled with raging anger I ripped it out
         With a strength I never knew I possessed
         I looked at my rose turned thorn and
         Without a second glance threw it out
         Exiled…because it didn’t deserve to be with the gentle ones
         In the end I guess it was a love-hate relationship.


Written by Ejiro Ogunyemi

Instagram: // @The_ejiro
Twitter: // @jeneeiethompson


Paula Melissa xx


Things that happened this year that I am thankful for – 2015 + video


2015 has been a whirlwind of highs and lows (mainly highs). This post is going to highlight some of the highs in a bid to be thankful to God for everything that has happened this year.  So, in no particular order;

  • 2015 is the year I successfully completed my A Levels. This is a big deal to me because no one but the Lord truly understands how hard I worked and how stressed I was at that time.
  • Following on from the previous point, 2015 is the year I began university. I can honestly say, uni is THE best thing to have ever happen to me. I love all the new people from all over the UK I have met. I love the independence. I love how much I have surprised myself. I love that everyday is different and some how even the most mundane, routine of tasks seems fun to me.
  • 2015 is the year I was awarded the Royal Television Society’s Television Production and Broadcast Journalism Bursary. I think sometimes I forget how amazing this actually is. I am one of a handful of undergraduates who it was awarded to. Also, the RTS are such a respected organisation, I know I am learning from the best of the best.
  • 2015 is the year I worked on NCS. National Citizen Service is a youth program that I was actually a part of a few years ago, so to come back and work on it, as a mentor, was amazing. I have never worked this hard before but at the same time, it was so fulfilling knowing I was making a difference in the lives of the young people I worked with over the summer.
  • 2015 is the year I went on a weekend away retreat with my uni’s Christian Union. This may not be a big deal to some people but it was to me. Despite growing up in a Christian home, I did not have the conventional ‘Christian Kid’ childhood of going to Christian summer camps and Sunday schools and all that good stuff. This weekend was quite pivotal in my Christian walk because I learned to stop judging other Christians. Plainly put, I was seeing God through the lenses of other Christians around me. I was not seeing that they were broken, messed up people just like me.
  • Nicely following on, 2015 is the year that my relationship with God has grown. I think this has a lot to do with university. At uni, God became my God and no longer the God of my parents. I had to go and find out what I believed and why I believed it. No one could believe on my behalf any more. I am still not yet where I need to be, but I am definitely getting there.
  • 2015 is the year my confidence grew in terms of singing in front of people. I have grown up singing in front of a congregation at church but I used to be terrified to sing any other time. I still get terrified, but I heard nerves can be good. This year I sang in my Senior Prom in front of my whole year group. This year, I also sang at an open mic night at uni. Both these performances were huge steps for me.
  • 2015 is the year I fulfilled my childhood dream of going to a WWE live event. I grew up watching WWE with my family and we always spoke of the day we would go and watch it live. It is the best feeling when you finally do something that the younger you has always wanted but believed would never happen – so fulfilling.
  • Last  but not least, 2015 is the year I continued to be dedicated to this blog and to my YouTube channel (click here to Subscribe ). My budget, time and sometimes motivation has been limited this year yet I am proud of the content I have put out to the world. 2016 everything will be bigger and better.

I have grown a tremendous amount this year. God has been so good. Please join me and be grateful for this year because it puts you in a good, prepared mindset for 2016.



Paula Melissa xx

Jehovah Jireh, My Provider

Guys, this is a really real, really raw post, because right now, in this very moment, I am feeling some really real, really raw feelings.

It is days like this, moments like these that I begin to understand why they call God Jehovah Jireh! He is a provider. When you need something, He will supply it for You.

Coming to University was a new experience for me. It was my first real taste of actual independence. I am an adult. I am in charge of what I do, where I go, what I eat and perhaps most importantly where I spend my money.

This summer before uni, I got a job and worked really hard with the intention of saving money. However, as soon the money touched my bank account, it seemed to instantly evaporate literally into thin air. I suddenly had all these expenses and I watched as my hard-earned money disappeared.

You do not realise the value of money until you work for it yourself. You start to question all your purchases, like “This dress is worth 2 hours of work. Is it really worth it?”

I then got to the stage, nearly a month into uni, when I realised that food is expensive. So are textbooks. So are clothes and washing and printing and buses. Everything costs money and I was running low on the stuff.

So I did what any reasonable person would do. I called my parents. I expected a swift transfer of money into my account, instead I was met with “Trust in the Lord, Paula. Don’t worry.”

Okay. My parents  quoting Bible scriptures is a normal occurrence for me and usually it is quite comforting, but not this time. Like, obviously I trust in the Lord but can you just transfer some money to me please???? [They did eventually send me some money. Eventually!]

But reluctantly I did. I trusted in God and left the fact that I had no money in His hands and did not allow it to ruin my day.

I call Him Jehovah Jireh because He provides in ways that are beyond our imagination. He provides through means that we are not even aware of.

If you take Him as your Jehovah Jireh, He will show up strong. Just call out to him, leave it in His hands and trust in Him.



Paula Melissa xx

Comparing yourself with others


When I was a little younger, I had officially come to grips with the idea that I am not as ‘naturally pretty’ as other girls. Where I got this idea from, I do not particularly know, but I do know that I believed it with all of my heart. In my young mind, some people are just beautiful. They were born with the lucky combination of chromosomes that made them gorgeous. But it is not all bad, because the rest of us have strengths too. Some of us were born with smarts, some can sing and dance, some have the undeniable talent to make people laugh. I did not believe I was given beauty, but that was okay because I exploited my strengths. I sang, I made people laugh, I worked hard in school, I wrote and I was a good friend to people who needed me. All the while, I never felt like not being ‘conventionally pretty’ hindered me. If anything, it empowered me, because I believed that everything I had, I had earned and didn’t have just because I was nice to look at.

Looking back, it is clear that I only had this view about myself because I compared myself to other people.

For most people, comparing yourself to others just distracts you from the many good qualities you hold. You might be amazing in one aspect, but complete overlook it because someone else shines bright in one particular thing. I learnt that I was beautiful. Maybe not in the conventional way, but then again, who wants conventional? I learnt that some of the things that make some people pretty do not work for me. I had to find indiviudal things that worked for me and made me confident and gorgeous. I think I have.

If you realise something does not work for you, you either forget about it or make it work for you. Life does not give you time to whine and cry about things that do not work, because there will be many things that do not work. If you do not work hard for it, you do not deserve it. Simple as that. And if you get things without working for them, you will not fully understand its value.

I am proud of the beautiful, young woman I have become today, mainly because I worked hard to become her. Because of this, I fully understand my value. I do not ever need to compare who I am, what I am, what I have to someone else, because I am enough. Until I realised this, I was incomplete, whether I realised it or not. If more people could see their worth, they would not care so much when they are cast down or told they are not good enough.

When I was a little girl, I was ‘encouraged’ to join my church choir, mainly because they desperately needed members. I had no interest in music and singing, I was much too busy with things nine-year old girls do. But I joined and soon I realised… I hated it. It was not for me, so I believed. I couldn’t hit the high notes, it took up way too much of my time and to make matters worse, the members were incredibly rude. They were not afraid to tell a nine-year old girl that she really could not sing. After crying on multiple occations, I realised they were probably right. Compared to the adults in the choir, I could not sing at all. However, I also realised that if I kept working hard, I will be able to sing. Fast forward a decade or two, and here I am. I can sing. I may not be Mariah Carey, but I can definetly hit more notes than I could then. The point of my anecdote is to demonstrate that comparing yourself with other people can also be a positive thing, but only if you use the comparison to motivate you. If you do it to pinpoint all the bad things about yourself, then it is not helpful.

You do not need someone to make you realise that you are better than where you are in life, right now. You just need yourself to make that first step to improvement. But sometimes it can be just as helpful to have people to measure against, just to show your progression.


Paula Melissa xx

My day at a deaf youth event – VIDEO

You can find inspiration in anything, especially when you do not expect to find it. My mum invited me along to a deaf youth event she was asked to speak at. I went along, not really knowing what to expect. I left that evening with inspiration and a whole new perspective on a side of life I didn’t really know a lot about. What better way to explain my day, than in video form. Enjoy!

I really did not know anything about being deaf, sign language and everything of that sort. It feels good to have my eyes opened.

In many parts of the world, deaf people are somewhat segregated, hidden away in small colonies. People do not expect them to have a life, do not expect them to be funny, beautiful, inspiring people. This saddens me because of course they are.

You can find inspiration in anything. Even in people you have never really known about. Even in people who cannot hear.


Paula Melissa xx

let it go, let it go

My last post was rather emotionally driven – more of a spur in the moment thing – and I have considered deleting it many times, but for now I’m leaving it. I think that I’m leaving it because I understand the importance of writing personally and being myself. This is a lifestyle blog, and death is a part of life – that’s my reasoning behind it, basically.

Anyway, on a happier note, here’s a short funny story my friend told me yesterday. It probably isn’t the funniest thing in the history of comedy, but at the time (In a painfully boring English Language and Literature lesson) I was crying actual tears of laughter.

I’m telling it from his point of view (with lots of added exaggeration (of course)):

I was at church on Sunday. The Pastor (the guy who stands at the front, basically) announced that his young daughter had a song to sing to the congregation (the people who sit on the chairs, basically). His youngest daughter refused to come up to sing the song unless her sister came with her. So the two sisters probably aged four and six, came to the front of the church to minister their song. They began singing into the microphone, first shaky then progressively more confident.

*The snow blows white on the mountain tonight…*        

I was like, Hold on! I swear I know this song. Obviously, I said this in my head because it would have been rude to interrupt the little girls singing. Suddenly, I heard synchronised screams as other Frozen fangirls joined into their jam.


Were they really singing Let It Go from Frozen, at church. I couldn’t actually believe it. When they finally finished screeching, the adults began clapping like they sang the most inspiring song ever.

I told you that you wouldn’t find it as funny as I did. Honestly, I was laughing so much. But on a side note, who else is tired of Frozen and Let It Go now (I used to be a die hard Frozen fan, but even I can admit, it needs to be stopped).



Paula Melissa x

How to make an impact – 4 simple steps

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘how do I make an impact?’ In this kind of world, it gets harder to truly be the person God made you and wants you to be.

1) Make an impact through the type of lifestyle you live
People are watching you… Us. Everyone is looking for that guidance, that ‘something’ and therefore we must be that ‘something’ in their lives, shown through our lives.Be a comforting voice or reason in peoples lives, a voice that reassures everyone. Let people know you as a positive person, a person know for uplifting words and actions, not words and actions that pull others down.

2) Make an impact through your giving.
This one is a little touchy because I know most of you lot were literally like, “Oh! Heck no! My money is my money!”, but giving don’t always mean money. It can mean giving your time, your emotions, your service, your resources or your knowledge. If someone is in need, and you are capable of helping them, help them. It’s not everyday sit and wait until they come to you begging on their needs; some days just help wholeheartedly. It is literally the little things that people will notice are different in your life. You’re in McDonald’s for lunch with a friend. You’ve already ordered and paid for your lunch. Your friend assumes he/she has more money than she actually does and can’t afford the medium diet coke with the meal. If you have that extra pound, give it to the friend. That is making an impact with your giving. Lastly, don’t be that person who keeps a record of your givings. “I gave you 33p on the 6th of June 2005, it was a Monday, and it was snowing. You was wearing a blue top, I was wearing a red.” That’s just ridiculous. Give wholeheartedly. Again, give wholeheartedly.

3) Make an impact through your speaking
Prayer is communicating with God; it is just talking. It may look like you’re speaking to yourself, but you’re not. God is listening.
You can make an impact by praying over your life and the lives of your friends, family and peers. Quick story; once, a good friend of mine was heading down the wrong path, and it was really worrying me. I didn’t feel like I could talk to her about it because she had the mindset that everyone was judging her, and that everyone, including me, was against her. In fact, it is the exact opposite. I wanted what was best for her. So I tweeted out, “What do you do when your friend is going down the wrong route?” and someone replied and said, “all you can do is pray for them.” Long story short; they are back to where they are supposed to be, thanks to the prayers of myself and her friends, family and church. If you care about someone, pray for them.
2 Chronicles 7:15
15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.

4) Make an impact through knowledge and passing on knowledge

The Bible is referred to as ‘The word of God’. Technically, people wrote it, but it was under the interpretation given to them by God. I don’t know how some people expect God to pick up a heavenly pen and heavenly paper and wrote down stuff. God is a spirit and not of this earthly world. Therefore, he must use physical people to physically write down his words. When you hear or read the things written down in the Bible, your faith grows. Faith is your belief, your belief in life, your belief in God and your belief in yourself. Think about it like this, if someone verbally abused a child from a young age over a long period of time, that person will grow into a young adult and believe all the abuse the have heard over time. The Bible works in a similar way, except it is positive, reassuring words that helps you build a confidence which pulls you through troubles and problems in life. The Bible’s definition of faith is found at Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Furthermore, Romans 10:17 (Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.) establishes that hearing the word of God is a priority. As well as hearing the word, you need to be able to share the word with other people. This encourages people who have low levels of faith and belief, in their selves or in life, due to what they have gone through in the past.

These four simple steps work when used all together in a persons life.
These steps are an adaptation from a message heard in church, so not all my own work.
Paula ox’


Black book, Black film


I’ve lived in London all of my life. Born, bred and raised here, basically. It’s crazy how multicultural my city is. Only forty-four percent are white British. So growing up in London teaches you to be tolerant and aware of different cultures and traditions.

I am also proud to say that I’ve never experienced racism firsthand. I feel like living here makes it really hard to understand the extremity of racism in other parts on the UK or other countries in the world. Obviously I learnt about racism in school but it never felt like a hugely real concept to me.

Recently, I read a book and watched a film that really made me wake up and appreciate the fact that I live in such a multicultural and culturally-tolerant society.

The book I read was Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses. I feel like I was the last person on Planet Earth to read the book but I finally got there! I absolutely loved it. It was so engaging. Now, without giving away too much, Malorie was extremely clever in the way she wrote it. She flipped racism and segregation, and re-wrote history, so to speak. In the book, black people weren’t being discriminated against, it was the white people. What I like is that this isn’t ever made explicit in the book. She called white people ‘noughts’ and black people ‘crosses’, so it’s evident that it isn’t a personal vendetta against anyone or any race. Seriously, the way this woman writes is just crazy.

The film I watched is called ‘Ruby Bridges‘ and it is based on a true story. The story follows a little black girl in first grade called Ruby, who is highlighted as a smart, overachieving little girl, therefore she’s amongst the first black children in New Orleans to attend ‘white people’ school. Bare in mind, this story is based years ago when prejudice was very much a normal part of American life. Without giving too much away, Ruby endures some crazy things, some heart breaking things that no child should ever have to face. With the love of her family, friends, teacher and faith, Ruby overcomes racial barriers. This movie is so beautifully created, and really made me appreciate the society I live in, especially as a young black woman.

If you get the opportunity to read this book or watch this film, jump at it, because you’ll be greatly inspired, just like I was.


Paula ox’

Another one on stress and worry

Stress is one thing that I have learnt never really and truly goes away, unless you do something about it. I like to talk about stress because I pretty much battle it everyday. There have been blogs on the topic, videos on the topic (click here), talks about the topic; I’ve done everything. And yet, I still haven’t fully dealt with it.

As a girl, I feel like the problem is a million times harder and stronger because we just stress about school, work, boys, how we look, what people think about us, careers, and literally everything in between. It’s like we subconsciously enjoy worrying and stressing about things that we can’t even change. It’s like we get a strange buzz from telling people the irrational worries that we have, that keep us up all night and occupy our innermost thoughts. It’s almost fun describing these unlikely scenarios to people. I know I do this.

There was a time, I spent hours telling my friend all the silly worries I had about this particular guy. The worries and stresses were consuming my every thought and it genuinely felt good to unload them to my friend. I kept being reminded by an annoying little voice in my head, that I wasn’t pretty enough and that he probably didn’t like me. My friend was so blunt and was just like, “Why doesn’t you just ask him? At least that way you’ll know and you can stop stressing and move on.” So that’s what I did, and even though I didn’t get the answer I wanted, it felt good to have that load off my back so I could finally stop thinking about it all.

The whole point of what I’m saying is, we need to stop worrying and stressing about things we genuinely can’t change, and start fixing and working on the things we can. That’s my new life motto and I’m working my way there. Trust me, it’s not the easiest thing, but God is helping me!

I read in a book called ‘An Enemy Called Average’ by John L. Mason, that “every obstacle has a limited life span.” This means that something you are worrying about today isn’t something you’ll even remember in a weeks time, a months time, a years time. Life moves on and therefore the struggles pass.

Just remember, if someone makes you worry more than makes you happy, you probably do not need them in your life. Cut them out. Simple as. Life is much too short to be anything but happy. On that extremely cheesy note, I’ll end this. But let this be a new beginning for you!

Paula ox’

Book review – Leona Lewis’ ‘Dreams’


I’m not usually a fan of autobiographies or biographies, but Leona Lewis has single-handedly changed that idea with this one book – ‘Dreams’. Unlike, other celebs, Leona didn’t fill the book with a million-and-one facts about herself and her life, she briefly outlined her story of how she began to live her dreams, hence the title. ‘Dreams’ is an autobiography, which means Leona wrote it entirely from her own perspective and in her own words. I feel like this helps to produce that personal atmosphere which is present throughout the whole book. It is definitely easier to connect to an autobiography than a biography – in my opinion.

For those of you that don’t know, Leona Lewis is a British singer that came to stardom when she won The X Factor (UK) in 2006. The X Factor is a word-widely televised singing contest which has become increasingly popular as it gives normal everyday people the opportunity to live their dreams. Many countries have different adaptations of the show e.g. The X Factor USA in America.

‘Dreams’ was first published in 2009. I finished this book in about two hours because I literally could not put it down. No joke. You know when people say that a book was so good that they couldn’t put it down; well yes. I suffered from this because I would not put the book down. I felt like this was because Leona told the story directly herself, making it a lot more engaging than if someone else has written it. As you read, you hear her voice talking to you, telling you her story personally. Very few books have ever made me feel so up and close with the person. Leona Lewis is genuinely a gorgeous person, inside and out.

Also, I think Dean Freeman, the photographer and creative director of the book, is so crazy talented at what he does. As I mentioned before, one good thing about this book is how short it is. The ‘writing’ takes up less than 95 pages, making it an extremely easy read. Personally, I could have finished it on a long car journey or a flight to Paris (bear in mind that I live in London, which is only a 45 minute flight from Paris. I would know, I went there last summer). The rest of the book is filled with pictures, taken by Dean Freeman. I’m someone who loves pictures, taking them, modelling in them and looking at them, so the many many shots of Leona, her friends and family and a few other famous faces are literally the cutest things ever to look through. Nice touch.

Overall, I think this book was put together in a smart, clever way to ensure it came across as intimate, informative and interesting to the readers. If that was the specific aim, it was completely successful. It really sold Leona in a positive light, just by presenting her to the world, as herself. No gimmicks.

Leona Lewis has always been one of my favourite female vocalists and this book has made me fall even more in love with her. Her beauty surely isn’t only skin deep.

If you want inspiration, I recommend this book. ‘Dreams’ has reminded me to never stop dreaming and also to dream big. I’m getting there!



Paula ox’

God’s Not Dead – the movie


I am SO excited to write this post, because I am so excited for this movie.

As everyone knows, I am a Christian. So it’s only fair that I get excited at these kinds of films.

God’s Not Dead is an American drama film which is based on a book written by Rice Brooks also called God’s Not Dead. I’d love to read the book as well. The film follows around a young college (that’s Uni to us Brits) student named Josh Wheaton, who is played by one of my favourite people, actor/singer Shane Harper click here for more.

Josh is a philosophy student but on the first day finds out his lecturer is an Atheist and hates God. The lecturer, Professor Radisson, is played by Kevin Sorbo who is a well established actor from films such as the original Hercules series and Christmas films such as The Santa Suit. On the first day, Professor Radisson tells his class to recite “God is dead.” in order to get a passing grade, which Josh refuses to do as he is a Christian.

Professor Radisson makes a deal with Josh. He won’t fail him if he can make the the Professor believe that God isn’t dead. If Josh loses the debate he gets a bad grade which puts his future in danger as he really needs the good grades. This task tests Josh’s faith in himself, as well as God, as it pushes all relationships in his life to their boundaries.

This film looks so interesting, because it’s basically what a huge number of young Christians feel at one time or another. We’re tested. We have to have faith. The world mocks us for what we believe. They ask for evidence, we show them faith. And it’s great that they’ve FINALLY made a film that looks like will fight FOR us instead of against.

I’m loving the cast as well. Disney actor, Shane Harper is a major sweetheart and he looks like he’ll play the part of Josh with integrity. I love Kevin Sorbo in The Santa Suit; why is he so good at playing the bad guy? The movie also features a concert appearance by Gold Record award-winning and Christian super-band Newsboys, which I’m looking forward too. I like their single, God’s Not Dead. The movie also stars Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and David A. R. White (Evening Shade, The Moment After 1 and 2, Jerusalem Countdown), which a cameo from Willie and Korie Robertson. I’m excited.

This film is out in Spring 2014, although I think that’s only for the US. Hopefully closer to the time they’ll give exact locations and dates. And I’m praying that it shows in the UK, or I’ll be sad.

God’s Not Dead – the movie links:

Official Website:

Official Facebook:

Official Twitter:

Official YouTube channel:

Official Instagram;



I think I’ve said this a million times but… I’m excited. It’s great to see more and more films like this.


Paula ox’

Little me, in Paris

Today’s post is going to be about my exciting week on holiday to Paris in August.

So I spent a week in France’s most popular city. The city of love – Paris. I went with my 2 little sisters and my dad. Here’s a mini diary entry to tell you what we got up to per day.

Thursday 15th August 

On Thursday we took a plane from London’s Heathrow airport to an airport in north Paris called Charles de Galle. Due to the fact that England and France are so close, our flight was only 45 minutes. This journey was quite exciting and nerving for me because it was the first flight I’ve been on in over 10 years because I had a minor (major) phobia of planes for a while. I think this trip cured me because I really enjoyed the plane ride. London is gorgeous via the air and Paris even more so. My outfit for Thursday was really simple because I wanted to make sure I was comfortable so I settled with a Midi dress and white pumps.


Friday 16th August

On Friday, we were trying to get used to our hotel rooms and trying to make them feel a little more homely. We unpacked our stuff and relaxed a bit, watched French cartoons (Spongebob in French). Our hotel had buffet breakfast (or as they call it petit déjeuner) between 5 am – 10 am so we had to wake up early for breakfast then after brekkie we had a nap. In the afternoon we took the hotel shuttle to the Paris Stadium where we walked around a bit, took pictures and ate at McDonalds. My outfit for Friday was very bright as it was my first day out in Paris, I wanted to make an impression. I wore a Union Jack vest tee, pink skinny jeans and navy blue pumps with a black cardigan and shades. I looked like such a British tourist.

download skinny-jeans-bright-summer-trousers-hot-pink-5-510x750

IMG-20130823-WA0002 - Copy

Saturday 17th August

This was one of the best days ever. We went to DISNEYLAND PARIS. We had to wake up at 5:30 am to make sure we were ready for 7 am when our car guy came to drive us to Disneyland. Unfortunately, for us, the guy came TWO hours late and turned up at our hotel at 9 am. Luckily, our hotel was close enough to Disneyland for us to not be late. We reached there just before 10 am and that’s when most of the rides began, so we were lucky. I’ll post a few pictures of the different rides we went on, things we ate and did from our day out at Disneyland Paris.

218 My sister and I took a picture in front of Cinderella. (I don’t know why my foot looks like that)

230Walking into Disneyland. That pink castle is so gorgeous. 236Walked through the Alice and Wonderland maze. I hate mazes because they really freak me out but I was fairly happy here:)

244The queens cards.

253 My dad and sister went on the Dumbo ride. I really wanted to go on it also but the line was 45 minutes and I was not ready for that, so I didn’t go.

295I’m sitting on a rock. (Don’t even ask.)

367On a boat ride through the different Disney animated movies. The windmill in the background is so cute.

366My new best friend, Miss Chip Chipmunk. She was so cool.

362My little sister and I tried on some dreadlocks at the gift shop.

289This waterfall is so gorgeous.

281The landscape is so beautiful here. The designers must have been incredibly talented and inspired.

350I’m so proud of my photography here. It looks beyond gorgeous.

269My delicious lunch at the cute restaurant in Disneyland. It had a medieval theme.

My outfit of the day consisted of a burgundy vest top, light blue quarter length jeans, navy blue pumps and black cardigan when it got a bit colder.

Burgundy Space Dye Zip Vestindex


Sunday 18th August

On Sunday we decided to have a relaxing day, mainly because my dad was extremely tired after we’d dragged him around Disneyland all day on Saturday. We went to a Church which started at 2pm which meant we could have an incredible lie in, which also meant a late breakfast.  369

After Church we went to a Nigerian restaurant in Paris. This was my meal:) Jellof rice, fried sliced plantain and fried fish. Delish.


To church, I wore a burgundy peplum dress. peplum429

On Sunday, we also moved hotels because our hotel was too far from the center of Paris.

Monday 19th August

387 Our little bit of PARIS, as seen through our new hotel window.

On Monday, my sisters and I went exploring Paris around the new hotel.

We found a huge, old church called L’eglise Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire et le square Marmottan. (Or something like that;)


Near the church we found a mini park, which had a super cute see-saw and bench.


Then, we went back  to our hotel. Our family friends in Paris came over and took us out to a fast-food restaurant in the centre of Paris called Quick. We don’t have Quick in England but it’s really similar to McDonalds.

My outfit for Monday consisted of a military-style jacket, army-style studded top, blue jeans and blue pumps.


Tuesday 20th August

Tuesday was probably the second best day, second to Saturday when we went to Disneyland. Tuesday was the day we got to see the famous Paris landmarks – the Eiffel Tower (Tour Effel as the French call it) and the Arc de Trimphe.

In the morning and afternoon, we chilled in our hotel room, watching Spiderman 3 (in English, don’t worry) and playing Connect 4 (we got both of them as the toy from a Happy Meal in McDonald’s. I love you, French McDonald’s).

You guys are so lucky. I’ve literally stopped myself from posting all the selfies I took in my hotel room. There were many. But I won’t LOL. I want to, but I won’t.

Towards the evening, we took the bus to the train station, where we took the French Metro, which is a lot like the London Tube.


453Chilling at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take us to the train station, to take us to the arc de Trimphe. It was literally the longest journey ever. (Exaggeration)

That day I wore my pink skinny jeans again, pink dolly flats, a black and white vest top and a black cardi.

skinny-jeans-bright-summer-trousers-hot-pink-5-510x750pink ballet flatsmyM_ggBKm6e8A7vwIHEWKKw488


576Eiffel tower by night – It’s beautiful. I’m very proud of my photography, right here.

517The sky was getting darker by the minute, literally right before our eyes. This thing is TALL.

504The arc de Trimphe – You guys really don’t understand how big and magnificent this thing really is. We could see it from down the road at the train station. And you know those dots at the top of it, yeah those dots are people. Unreal!

502The sun is setting behind the Arc de Trimphe. I really couldn’t decide which picture of the arc de Trimphe I liked best. My photography game was really, really ‘En Point’ on this holiday;)

We actually went to the arc de Trimphe first, if I’m not mistaken, then had to take a different train to the Eiffel tower. The arc de Trimphe is at the end of a really, REALLY long, busy road. AND on those roads are arguably the best shopping in all of Europe. We passed car shops, make up shops, perfume shops, clothes shops, food shops, jewellery shops, all-kind-of shops.

481Believe it or not, this was inside a Mercedes shop. As in, a car shop. But I saw this GORGE bag on one of the racks and made my sister take a picture of me with it. The security guard kept staring at me like I was going to steal it. He was scary.

473So, when I actually stop being lazy and learn how to drive and get my drivers license, can someone buy me this car? Please and thank you 😀

488This is in a different car shop. I think it was Peugeot, which is a French brand.

483In the same car shop. They had this really cool interactive game where you stood on these footprints and you could control what was on the screen with your body. It was too much fun.

470I’m not exactly sure what this place was but yeah:) colourful.

490I don’t know if you can see it properly but there are diamonds under the staircase we are siting on. This jewellery shop literally had diamonds and jewels everywhere!

457On the train from the arc de Trimphe to the Eiffel Tower. At that point, I was beyond tired of walking around Paris but still in  a really good mood.

512Opposite the Eiffel tower was a lit-up carousel.

532My caramel ice cream. Soo yummy. So, there was this cute little stall next to the Eiffel tower selling ice cream. Even though this was the best tasting thing in the whole entire world, it was ridiculously over-priced. 4 freaking euros for a scope. This ice cream better have been made by the Queen herself, for them to be selling it at that price. Oh well, I didn’t pay for it so I didn’t mind too much;)

534My souvenir silver Eiffel Tower key chain, which now proudly holds my keys. It’s kind of embarrassing but this is the ONLY souvenir I got from Paris, which is pretty ridiculous, considering it was probably made in China or somewhere.

514 This guy and his carriage stopped at the traffic lights so I took a picture of him. He clearly didn’t want the picture, but I didn’t care. I took it anyway:)


Wednesday 21st August

As you can probably tell, I loved Tuesday. It was an eventful day. After every eventful day, is a restful day. We relaxed for a while in our hotel room. We watched Open Season 2 (in English) which we also got from McDonald’s as part of the Happy meal. I seriously love French McDonald’s, although they are a little more pricey.  We actually went their for lunch (twice times in a week, very bad).

On Wednesday evenings back home in London, we usually go to Bible Study so we decided to go to a Bible Study at our family friends’ church. I wore a yellow tank top, black pencil skirt, black cardi and white pumps.


In the evening, we packed our stuff and planned our outfits for the next day because we were leaving Paris and going back to London on Thursday.

So, all in all, it was a pretty chill day. Our last night in Paris.


Thursday 22nd August


We had to checkout of our hotel by noon. I still feel sorry for the cleaner because I know we left that room in a mess.

Other than that, Thursday the 22nd of August was the day I was meant to get my results. That was quite nerve-wreaking too. But because I wasn’t in England at the time, they had to post my results home. More about that in a different post.

So, my outfit for going back to LONDON, ENGLAND was a purple and white stripped top, black pencil skirt and navy blue pumps.


580570 (Quick selfie right there)


OVERALL, that week in Paris was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. When I get older, and start to generate and save my own money, I’ll go there regularly. It’s a beautiful place, although not as perfect as the world perceives it. (More on that next time) I am only just realising how ridiculously long this post is but yeah, I think it’s  quite interesting so forgive me. I had a great time and I just wanted to share it with y’all (I’m American now LOL).

I’d like to thank my Daddy for taking my sisters and I to Paris (Even though, all my sisters and I did was argue and bicker. We literally drove my dad crazy). I’d also like to thank our family friends in Paris who showed us the hotspots in Paris, making our holiday more enjoyable, as well as cooking up some good old hearty home -cooked meals, making sure we didn’t eat McDonald’s everyday. And also, for allowing to go to their church on Sunday and Wednesday. We really did appreciate it.


*PLEASE DO NOTE: NOT ALL OF THE PICTURES USED ARE MY OWN, OR OWNED BY ME. Most of them are but, the pictures illustrating the outfits I wore were found on Google and I DO NOT claim them as my own. However, the rest of the pictures taken were taken by me or my sister or someone who was with me at the time.*



Thank you for reading this. Literally one of my favourite posts to write. I’d love to go back to Paris.

Peace&Love. AND PARIS<3

Paula ox’


So I decided to state 44 random things about me and my weird personality and weird life.

1) I’m not a clean freak but I hate when an area is messy. Plus cleaning is a great way to exercise.

2) I’m the biggest Disney kid ever! I’ve always loved Disney Channel and I’ve probably watched every episode of most Disney Channel programs and watched every Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM).

3) I think more water than the average human because I get thirsty and dehydrated really easily.

4) I think I’m bipolar sometimes because my mood changes uber quickly. I can being so friendly and everything then suddenly want to punch you in the face.

5) I exaggerate all the time. I do this intentionally and unintentionally at different times. But I feel exaggerating makes life more interesting so it’s fine.

6) My favourite colour is purple. I have so many purple things.

7) I hate watching things Live because I dislike adverts. So, I always have things recorded and start watching them  half way through or hours later so I can fast forward the adverts.

8) I love music. Music has always been a big part of my life. I don’t have a favourite genre but I listen to  a lot of Hip Hop, Gospel and pop, generally.

9) I do my nails every couple of days because I get bored of the same style after a while.

10) I love romance books and film because I find romance adorable. I’m just a hopeless romantic.

11) I like mango flavoured things.

12) I’m a strong Christian and I go to church about 4 times a week.

13) I’ve watched every episode of Spongebob Squarepants and Phineas and Ferb so much I could recite them.

14) I literally live off my phone, and I run it like a business.

15) My favourite music artists right now are Deitrick Haddon, Mary Mary and Lecrae.

16) I do more cleaning than exercising.

17) I lose weight then gain weight really quickly.

18) The only song that I’ve ever cried while singing is Through It All by Andrae Crouch. That song cuts deep into me.

19) I would never consider myself shy but when around people I don’t know, I can be very cautious.

20) I have about 5 different emails, all used for different things, e.g. social media, business, work etc.

21) I get bored really easily, which is one of my worst traits.

22) I’ve heard nearly every Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary song ever made.

23) Sometimes I end up liking the soundtrack of a movie more than I actually like the movie itself.

24) I go to sleep late and wake up early. Typical teenager.

25) New Look is my favourite high street clothes store. This is because I love their blazers and shoes, which are fashionable, affordable and good quality.

26) My best friend is Jesus. Now, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s genuinely true.

27) My favorite vocalists are Alicia Keys, Coco Jones, Lauren North, Emeli Sande, Beyonce, Adele, Tamela Mann, Kierra Sheard, Chris Tomlin, Bridget Mendler, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes, Mariah Carey etc.

28) I’ve always loved the idea of having a job, and ever since the age of 12 I’ve been trying to find a job. Unsuccessful.

29) I get extremely cranky if someone interrupts my sleep and wakes me up.

30) I used to be really sporty when I was younger, but then I grew up and got lazy.

31) I’ve always wanted to be a chef but that dream pretty much died. Then again, never say never. I never know what might happen in the future.

32) I’m not really great at the whole friendship thing; who wants to be my Best Friend?

33) Most of my favourite people live in different countries, far away from me or are much older than me. So yeah, that’s rather annoying.

34) My sister and I are 22 months apart so we are practically twins. She’s probably the closest person to me. She  gets my strange sense of humor and we can genuinely laugh at anything.

35) I could spend hours watching random videos on YouTube because I find YouTubers so hilarious.

36) The best place I’ve ever visited is Paris. It’s amazing. The food, the sites, the people. Gorge.

37) I have many, many MANY pet peeves. I think I hate more things than like. That’s not very good, honestly.

38) I LOVE fashion. I LOVE shopping. I LOVE make up. I LOVE clothes. I’m such a girl.

39) My favourite fruit juice is apple. I prefer apple juice than actually eating an apple.

40) I’m one of those sad people that don’t really like children. It’s weird because I like babies but I just don’t like that stage between toddler and age 14.

41) My favourite boys names are Austin, Leo, Josh (Joshua) and Nathan. My husband shall be named one of these. Compulsory.

42) I hate people coming to my house. Seriously, I’m the worst host ever. It just annoys me. I don’t like people touching my stuff and I worry something would be broken. Also, because I like to wake up late, I HATE people coming to my house before 10am. It’s just unnecessay. I’m ridiculous.

43) I hate tomatoes but I love ketchup.

44) I don’t like fizzy drinks. And I absolutely HATE coke. I prefer juice or even water, any day.


There are my 44 facts. 44 is a random number, but I’m random so it was fitting. 


Paula ox’