TWO BY TWO – Paired Bible Study Devotionals


Hey guys, I want to present to you a new initiative I’ve created called TWOBYTWO. Here’s some information on #2by2 and frequently asked questions below.

Two By Two is a paired Bible study devotional system where you are paired with another Christian, most likely someone you don’t know, through social media. You then decide amongst yourselves how often you want to do the Bible study together. You decide how you want to do the devotional, whether you choose a book to go through or use devotional plans on the YouVersion Bible plan.

Remember: You get out of it as much as you give to it!

Pairs will be randomly selected but you can always request to be paired with someone who’s the same gender as you or in the same age range as you.

The name TWO BY TWO came from Luke 10:1, when Jesus sent the disciples out two by two! There is strength and an opportunity to learn and grow when you study God’s word with someone else! This is a chance to use the accountability you’ll have to the other person to grow in your Christian walk. It is a lot easier when you’re not alone. Also, I’ve learnt that sometimes it is a lot easier to be transparent with a stranger as they do not know you as well as say our friends and family.

I pray that through this, Godly friendships and mentorships will form and flourish! Let us learn more of God together.

Please tweet/post things you’ve learnt in your studies using the hashtag #2by2!!! I’ll love to go through them.

To get involved fill-in this form and we will get back to you with your partner!

Also, this is not exclusively for Christians! If you’re exploring Christianity or want to learn more about the Bible, put that down on the form or contact me directly!! You’ll be paired with a more mature Christian who can mentor you and explain the Bible to you.

UPDATE: We are currently in the process of building an app! If you have tech/web development experience and would like to be a part of my team, please email me at – subject: 2by2 the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I give out my number/whatsapp? I strongly discourage you giving out you number or any other personal information. I recommend Twitter or Instagram, as most people’s profiles are already public. Of course it is down to you, but consider your safety, always. But I understand if you would prefer sending voicenotes or having phone calls instead of messages.

I’m not a Christian yet? I’m exploring the faith – Can I still be involved in Two By Two?Yes, of course you can. If you let me know, I can pair you with a mature Christian who can help you go through the Bible! Mature Christians, get in touch if you’d like to help in this way!

How often do you recommend we talk and do the devotional? It is down to what your routine is, to be fair. Realistically though, taking out an hour to DM each other at least once a week is definitely doable. You could drop each other short messages every few days then decide on a time to do a more in depth catch up. That’s why I say you need to decide with your partner. 

Can this replace my personal devotional time? I’m still reading the Bible afterall…NO NO NO! This is not to replace your personal time with God. That is precious. This is another opportunity to learn more of Him, grow in your knowledge of Him and have fellowship with someone who is trying to do that too. I repeat, this is not to replace personal time with God. 

Will you monitor our Bible Study? No, I don’t have the time too! Also, this is an opportunity for you to grow in your personal walk with God. Only take part if you’re serious about your growth and can be disciplined. 

So we can’t come to you if we’re having issues?No of course you can come to me. I want this to be a pleasant, fulfilling experience for you. If you and your partner are having problems, let me know and I will always try and help you out.

My partner has stopped replying to my messages? He/She has even blocked me on Twitter, what should I do? – I will get in touch with them also. If they don’t reply or are no longer interested in being part of this (which is fine), you will get a new partner.

What if my partner is at a lower level of faith than me?You won’t be paired based on level of faith as it is really hard to ‘measure’ people’s level of faith. If you find yourself paired with someone who is not as ‘grown’ in Christ as you, please use this as an opportunity to mentor a ‘younger’ Christian. Do NOT use your years in the faith to intimidate or patronise them. That is not okay, and if I am told that that is happening, they WILL be given a new partner. Using the Word to intimidate people is a pet peeve of mine. Do not do it.

I would feel more comfortable with someone the same gender as me.That’s totally fine, just let me know and I’ll pair you with someone the same gender as you!

Can I have more than one partner?Yes you can. You can be paired as many times as you would like and can handle. But please bare in mind that you will need to be committed to study time with each partner so be realistic with how much time you can commit to this.

My Bible studies have been very fruitful. Can I share some things?OF COURSE! In fact, please do! Tweet and post using the hashtag #2by2 so other people can see them and be blessed too.

What’s Luke 10:1?It says: ‘After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.’

Can I get a new partner if I don’t like mine?LOOL if there is a serious issue or reason you would like a new partner, you can get a new partner. But if it is something petty, I’ll tell you to pray about. Bye.

Peace & Love ❤️
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